BLACKYAK: "We Have Learned a lot from Trade"

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BLACKYAK looks back on a turbulent year. The premium brand has its first season in the European and North American stores behind it. The outdoor equipment supplier comes from Korea and is the market leader in the world's second largest outdoor market.


Maximilian Nortz, Managing Director of International Business at BLACKYAK, speaks of a dazzling start when reviewing the first twelve months in the US and Europe.


Whether it's jackets, mid-layers, fleece shirts or pants, the brand's effort is to combine "high-functionality technology with clear design lines," says Nortz. To achieve this, BLACKYAK is committed to a number of development and production partners, who, according to the Managing Director, have chosen the company very carefully.

The Korean market differs significantly from the European and North American market. How the market launch in Europe and North America still managed to overcome the hurdles and what BLACKYAK and Maximilian Nortz plan for the future can be seen in the video. Logo Author: