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Sports retailer drastically reduces orders

Decathlon intends to only sell its own brands soon

Decathlon continues to aim for a 100 percent share of own-brand products. The company can already cover almost the entire product range itself.

Decathlon strebt angeblich einen Eigenmarkenanteil von 100 Prozent an.
Decathlon allegedly aims for a 100 percent own-brand rate.

The French sporting goods retailer Decathlon is aiming to sell exclusively private labels in the future, reported the sports trade journal "SportEco" as early as 2016.

Now the paper reports that Decathlon informed several major brands at the end of 2017 to reduce or completely stop orders by 2020. At present, the chain store's own-brand share is 70 to 80 percent.

Decathlon "can cover almost the entire product range"

As Genevieve Mulack, spokeswoman for Decathlon Germany, said to "SAZsport", the clear goal of the company is "that we will develop all our products ourselves in the future".

Decathlon has brought so many sporting goods onto the market that it "can already cover almost the entire product range, from family tents to racing bikes, with its own developments".

The head office in Lyon was more cautious. In response to a request from "Sporteco", the company confirmed that it develops most of its products itself, but does not currently achieve a 100% share of its own brands in Decathlon.

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Martin Jahns