Running brands are taking off - sport apps with potential

Consumer Insights Report Q1 2022: Digital assistants? Yes, please!

Digitalization and nature are not mutually exclusive among sports fans, but go hand in hand. These are the findings of the new Consumer Insights Report for the first quarter of 2022, which shows that sports apps are well received and even have room for improvement in terms of monetization. Nature, on the other hand, is the key to resilience. This is also reflected in purchasing behavior. Two running shoe brands come out on top in the brand rankings. Download the complete Consumer Insights Report for the first quarter of 2022 now for free!

Which apps and brands are hot among the sports and outdoor community? How do consumer experts rate sports apps and their utility? And how do today's sports customers switch off? Answers are provided by the Consumer Insights Report for the first quarter of 2022

For the unique trend barometer of the sports and outdoor industry, ISPO surveyed the community of the ISPO Collaborators Club. In doing so, it provides insights into customer feedback from opinion makers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Brand Ranking: Adidas still top - running brands gain ground

In the ranking of the top sports brands of the past three months, Patagonia enters the top 5 in third place. Adidas remains at the top ahead of Nike. Ortovox occupies fourth place ahead of Salomon and VAUDE, which are tied.

In the chasing group, running brands benefit from the start of the running season. So On is represented as well as HOKA ONE ONE, which has mixed out of nowhere among the chasers of the top-5.

Also among the top brands depending on the lifestyle segment, there is movement: Thus, in the lifestyle "Performance, Body & Mind" Powerbar takes the lead as the most relevant brand ahead of Adidas. The Herzogenauracher are in turn in the segments "Urban Culture" and "Teamsport & Spirit" still ahead of the US brand Nike unchallenged in front.

Patagonia, meanwhile, trumps in the outdoor segments "Adrenaline & Adventure" and "Nature Escapes". A complete overview of the most relevant brands according to lifestyle is available in the complete Consumer Insights Report.

The top sports brands of the past three months

Apps and digital assistants: Strava on top - willingness to spend is high

In the ranking of the most popular sports apps of the 1st quarter of 2022, Strava has taken over the top position from the now second-placed Garmin Connect. Suunto is in third place. The app "Alpenverein aktiv" follows in fourth place.

For sports brands, the app market remains enormously promising. This is because among respondents, sports apps are even more widespread than apps for entertainment, travel or everyday help. In addition, the willingness to spend on sports apps is enormously high. More than half of those surveyed are willing to spend money on sports apps. In no other subject area is the willingness to spend money higher. Good news for all those who are looking for digital revenue models in sports.

A trend that is also evident in the acceptance of digital assistants: In principle, the willingness to use digital assistants in a wide variety of areas is very high. It is highest, however, in the area of inspiration with concretely usable suggestions such as running routes. But the digital assistant may also accompany and guide the learning or integration of sports routines into everyday life.

Resilience and sustainability: nature as support

In addition to everyday worries, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and challenges such as coping with climate change have recently taken their toll on the psyche. Among the respondents of the Consumer Insights Report, this shows the enormous potential of outdoor and sports in building resilience. Access to nature, for example, is the respondents' most important stress-relieving factor. Only after that come family and friends as the second choice. The more frequent doing of sports follows in third place.

When it came to purchasing decisions for sporting goods, fairly produced, recycled or locally produced products were particularly well received.

Download the complete Consumer Insights Report now

For detailed figures and analysis of the findings, as well as the answer to the question of which trends the Consumer Experts see as particularly relevant for themselves and the sports market, download the free Consumer Insights Report here.

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