Ways you'll never miss a thing in the sports world again

LISTICLE | 04/14/2023
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You can't live without sports and are on the road a lot? We know. We make it easier for you not to miss anything in the future: You can now create your own article archive. And because we want to be your inspiring sparring partner, we also have extensive benefits for you in addition to exciting stories - for example, in the ISPO Collaborators Club. Here are 6 ways you'll never miss a thing in the sports world again with ISPO.com!


A new (themed) world every month

Whether it's the (r)evolution of femininity, the Makers' March, or Alternative Outdoor: Twelve times a year, the ISPO.com editorial team presents special highlights tailored to the interests of ISPO.com readers. Journalistically sophisticated, carefully researched, and produced in an up-to-date manner, our articles highlight explosive topics, exciting trends, and new challenges. The editorial team takes a close look at the megatrends of sustainability, sports tech, health, culture, and individualization, conveying inspiring insights in an entertaining way. The goal: to enrich our readers so that they can get the most out of their sports year.


Remember articles: Create your own ISPO.com archive

Ab sofort kannst du dir dein eigenes ISPO-Archiv anlegen.

You don't have time to read an article right now? Or an article is so full of information that you want to check it out again later? Then create your own ISPO.com archive! Simply click on the small bookmark icon in the article teasers or in the articles and the article will be added to your personal watch list. When you open the ISPO.com website again (from the same device), click on the icon in the menu bar at the top right, and the bookmark list will show an overview of your saved articles. This way, you'll never miss any important articles again.


Newsletter - A "Best of" from the world of sports

With the ISPO.com newsletters, sports enthusiasts get exactly the trends, news, and insider stories from the world of sports and sports business that they need - free of charge, secure, and delivered directly to their inbox. And regardless of whether it's a professional interest or a private hobby, everyone can put together their perfect information package in the Preference Center!
The editorial newsletter "Perspectives of Sports and Outdoor" provides an overview of all aspects of sports and outdoor. Every month, the ISPO.com editorial team presents a megatrend-oriented focus topic as well as exclusive interviews with sports stars, insiders, and opinion leaders.

The weekly "Sports Business Briefing" focuses on B2B news from the sports business and the sports and outdoor industry. Another focus is on ISPO events, services and awards around our trade shows.

Click here for the Preference Center


Shaping the world of sports with the ISPO Collaborators Club

The ISPO Collaborators Club is a platform where passionate athletes work together with brands from the sports industry to develop, test and improve new, innovative products. Club members (registration is free, by the way) participate in the design of future products: Their opinion is heard in the right place in the companies and their ideas are thus incorporated into the development of tomorrow's sports products - a win-win situation for the sports industry and decision-makers. The ISPO Collaborators Club is also the ideal playground for companies to present products to the perfect target group, get honest feedback from sports enthusiasts, or launch surveys.


Live with the ISPO social media channels

We report 365 days a year - not only in our ISPO.com magazine, but also in social media. On LinkedIn, we post exciting topics and provide inspiring insights for our business target group. On our Instagram and Facebook channels, we specifically address "consumer experts," sports enthusiasts who are passionate about sports. And Twitter is the ISPO information channel for multipliers and journalists. If you have to stay away from one of our many events, then take a look at our social media channels: There you can be there live - whether at ISPO Munich and OutDoor by ISPO or all the other happenings.


Taking the pulse of the sports community with the Consumer Insights Report

Quality is the key

Who doesn't want to be informed in advance about future trends and the wishes of consumers? The Consumer Insights Report from ISPO makes it possible. Every quarter, the report provides valuable insights into how consumer experts perceive different brands and which sports trends are on the horizon. A must-have for companies and important players in the sports and outdoor industry. Curated and interpreted by ISPO experts, the Consumer Insights Report is a unique trend barometer.

As an ISPO Business Member, you receive free access to the latest report. All you have to do is click on the button below, fill out the form and submit it.

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