ISPO Autor
Oliver Knoch

Graduate sports scientist with a love of mountains 🏂+🥾, basketball 🏀 and bow waves ⛵️. 

Starting out as a footballer and failing as a tennis player, Oliver discovered his great love for basketball at the age of twelve. More than three decades later, he is still shooting the basket - albeit with adjustments to his game due to his physical decline.

His passion for basketball led him to work in the editorial department of a major basketball magazine and as a reporter on the sidelines of the Bundesliga and the NBA. At the same time, he developed a deep understanding of the fascination of sport in all its facets at the German Sport University Cologne, enthusiastically learned how to sail and desperately tried his hand at the rim swing. He started out as an editor at a local newspaper and ended up at a FIFA World Cup magazine in 2006. He later wrote numerous sports articles for a German car manufacturer, including on eSports. 

For, Oliver brings his expertise in numerous sports and as an industry expert in the sports industry.