Versatile Cube System Table Plus

The Cube System Table Plus is a light weight, compact camping table. The table is a combination of 2 separate tables and 3 connecting plates and it comes with a polyester carry bag, mesh net, and lantern hanger. Since it has three level height adjustments (25cm, 45cm, 55cm), the Cube System Table Plus is recommended for all occasion of camping. For single campers or couples, CUBE FAMILY TALBE L6 or M3 is suitable and combine both tables with Cube Connection Plate when you go camping with your family. According to the circumstance or condition, the size of the table you need may vary and you are able to use CUBE SYSTEM TABLE PLUS in any type of camping.

The table set, which is light and sturdy by using lightweight materials, is highly versatile and can be displayed in various ways. Both the frame and plates are made of aluminum and the total weight is only 6.48kg. If the top plate is inserted, it can be used as a general table, and if the top plate is removed, burners such as a Rocket Boom Stove or a Plate Stove 2 (sold separately in Snowline) can be combined. You can mix and match with Cube Family Connection Plate, Cube Family Corner Plate, or Cube Family Burner Plate to fit camping needs as shown in the pictures above.

When using the burner on the table, there is a built-in clip to bind the gas inside the top plate to increase safety. In addition, a lantern hanger is also provided for comfortable cooking at night. The table surface is 194cm in length and 50.5cm in width, and it is large enough to cook on one side while eating on the other side. This table set comes in grey or black.

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