Improving Your Performance with Smart Devices

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Trends in healthcare and fitness may change, but wearable tech is here to stay. Fitness trackers and smartwatches allow you to monitor eating habits, daily activity and sleep patterns. Wearable technology can help you lose weight, give you helpful recommendations and improve your overall well-being. Innovative wearable devices from the field of healthcare give you new levels of accuracy and exciting new insights into your training routine.

Performance and metabolism diagnostics get higher importance for everybody.

Did you know that 95% of all health-conscious people fail to achieve their goal, and often give up? Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or increase performance, if you want to be successful, you need to know your individual metabolic values.

Smart performance & nutrition analysis

These can only be determined by blood or respiration values. With Dynostics, you can perform a professional metabolic analysis of the respiratory gases within 5 minutes. The user learns how many calories his body is currently burning, and what proportion of these are fat, carbohydrate and protein. These are real individual values, which can be used to generate a tailor-made training and nutrition strategy.

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Reduce pain, accelerate recovery & improve performance with light

Drug-free pain relief can get you back in action fast, without the side effects of risks and dangers. The CareWear wearable light system for athletes features advanced sports medicine technology using PhotoBioModulation (PBM). The smart patch features patented technology using printed LEDs integrated into ultra-slim adhesive hydrogel patches, with over 5000 LEDs per patch.

The CareWear LED light patches can be used for athletes in all sports.
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Wearable Technologies

It produces blue and red light to reduce pain and improve tissue recovery by increasing local blood circulation and elevating tissue temperature. It emits wavelengths of light that warms tissues to relax muscles, stimulate increased nitric oxide production to improve circulation, decrease inflammation to relieve pain, and stimulate energy production to improve cellular function that facilitates healing and repair.

Fitness tracking with non-invasive in-ear wearables

Capturing accurate and continuous sets of vital data in everyday life is still a major challenge for digital health solutions. cosinuss ° is tackling this particular problem with their sensor technology earconnect that enables continuous and high precision monitoring of several vital signs inside the ear: heart rate variability, body temperature, blood pressure changes and soon also oxygen saturation of the blood can be continuously captured with one sensor inside the ear.

Professional triathlete Jan Frodeno wearing the Cosinuss One.
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One of these solutions is the cosinuss ° One performance tracker for competitive sports which evaluates your exact fitness level, your maximum performance, an optimal exercise plan to improve as well as your advancements.

Making sense of motion

Movement analysis is a major indicator when it comes to performance tracking and improvement. Making sense of motion for therapeutic virtual reality in various applications is the mission of Gait Up.

Their smart sensors provide accurate gait analysis and are integrated in several solutions. E.g. Pomocup is a smart device for ski tourers that uses movement sensors and algorithms to analyse and understand moves. And PhysiRun is a validated analysis of running technique with or without a treadmill.

Gait Up´s Physiolog sensors for accurate movement analysis.
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Muscle activation therapy to transform knee rehabilitation

Knee injuries are rather common in many sports. Muscle activation solutions for value-based care at home can help to get back in action faster. More engaged patients mean faster recovery times, lower chances of readmission and better performance.

CyMedica Orthopedics has developed e-vive, an app-controlled muscle stimulation therapy and patient engagement solution in order to minimize pre- and post-surgical muscle atrophy. The technology adjusts to one´s physiology and bioimpedance, allowing for a more targeted and individualized therapy. e-vive keeps patients engaged by tracking their progress and allowing data sharing with clinicians.

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