Trailrunning in der Nähe von Salzburg
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Reasons Why Trail Running Is the Perfect Balance to Your Job

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Trail running is an effective full-body workout that clears the mind. It is therefore an ideal balancing sport to the often stressful and sedentary everyday life at work. Five reasons to start trail running.

Sitting in endless meetings, on the computer and now in the car or on the bus on the way home? At the end of the day, the daily routine of many working people really cries out for sport as a counterbalance to the sedentary job. Five reasons why the trendy sport of trail running is perfect for this.

That Is Why Trail Running Is the Best Balance to the Job

  1. Trailrunning stresses versatile
  2. Trailrunning clears the mind
  3. Trailrunning needs no preconditions
  4. Trailrunning means variety
  5. Trailrunning is healthy

Trail Running Stresses Versatile

In contrast to jogging, which seems quite similar to trail running at first glance, running through forests and meadows, uphill and downhill, uses significantly more muscle groups than the usual jog. Rooty or stony trails train the feet in particular. When running uphill, the thighs, calves and back are strengthened, downhill the front foot and advanced pelvis are used as brakes, downhill the hands support the thighs, the arms help with turns. Many trail runners take to the slopes with poles from the outset, which, as with Nordic walking, permanently train the arm muscles, shoulders and chest. If you skillfully vary the altitude, distance and pace, trail running is a holistic workout that strengthens all muscles and their coordination.


Trail Running Clears the Mind

Due to the high level of concentration that is permanently necessary in trail running, already due to the rapidly changing course characteristics, professional worries and circling thoughts are guaranteed to get a relaxing time-out. After training, the head is clear, blood and lungs are enriched with oxygen. This is how you can relieve stress and then think and work better on the job again.


Trail Running Does Not Need Prerequisites

Trail running can start at any time and right outside your front door. You don't need much more than motivation for running to get started. The combination of asphalt paths that lead as quickly as possible to forest and meadow paths is quite permissible in trail running and makes it easier to train in everyday life. Who lives right next to a park or the edge of a forest? Seasons and weather are also no obstacle for trail running, provided the appropriate clothing. And if you're not that trained yet, start slowly and increase according to your fitness. If it gets to be too much, you can always switch back to hiking speed for the sake of your health. Whether coast, mountains or lowlands: (almost) every landscape and every region in the world offers trail runs. For many regions, there is now good map material for routes at various levels of difficulty.


Trail Running Means Variety

Compared to many other sports such as swimming or jogging, trail running offers significantly more variety. Those who venture onto unfamiliar trails will get to know the local terrain or even the surroundings at their vacation destination better. This applies not only to the landscape, but often also to like-minded people on the trail. This constant variety helps with the motivation to stick with the training.


Trail Running Is Healthy

Trail running offers a perfect balance to the modern working world, which increasingly takes place in large cities; with increasingly sedentary activities, in air-conditioned offices, at large screens. When running on outdoor trails in nature, the trail runner returns to his roots and trains the natural movement sequences. Body awareness is strengthened, coordination and orientation are trained, and the senses are sharpened. All of this serves the nervous and physical stability and health that you so urgently need for your everyday working life. However, you should make sure that you choose the right trail running shoes.

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