Zehn Gründe, schwimmen zu lernen
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important reasons to learn to swim

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Anyone who cannot swim is denied access to a part of our world. This doesn't just mean indoor swimming pools, fun pools and outdoor pools, but also swimming vacations at the seaside and the entire range of water sports in rivers and lakes right through to the ocean. We show the ten most important reasons why you should learn to swim.

It's never too late to learn how to swim. Although it is much easier to learn the basics in childhood, nothing stands in the way of the project even in adulthood. The following reasons show why this is the case.

That’s Why You Should Definitely Learn How to Swim!

  1. Swimming is essential for survival
  2. Swimming is healthy
  3. Swimming as therapy
  4. Swimming helps to lose weight
  5. It is never too late for swimming
  6. No material costs
  7. Discover new worlds
  8. Swimming as strength training
  9. New vacation destinations
  10. Swimming is a balance and makes you happy

Swimming Is Essential for Survival

Even without intention, a person may get into deep water: the excursion boat capsizes, you fall into the pool .... It is simply vital to be able to stay afloat and, best of all, to be able to swim safely.


Swimming Is Healthy

There is no sport that is healthier than swimming. This is mainly due to the holistic strain on the muscles and the relief of the joints through the buoyancy of the water. Swimming also strengthens the lung function and the cardiovascular system. In addition, swimming is considered a particularly low-injury sport. For many chronic diseases (respiratory tract, rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases), swimming is prescribed as a treatment in special spas, such as thermal baths, brine baths, sulfur baths, mud baths or sea baths.

Schwimmen ist gesund.
Swimming is a sport that is easy on the joints.
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Gentrit Sylemani/Unsplash.com

Swimming as Therapy

Regardless of age and often health condition, you can almost always swim. For many illnesses and injuries, swimming is even explicitly prescribed as sports therapy or rehab, for example after a broken bone, for cardiovascular diseases, after a stroke. Swimming is a top priority in sports for seniors and the disabled. Pregnant women are also allowed to go swimming and after delivery they come back for baby swimming.


Swimming Helps to Lose Weight

People who are severely restricted in their movements due to physical infirmities, old age or great excess weight can (re)find their way to more activity through swimming. Swimming also burns a particularly large number of calories, making weight loss quick and effective. Around 350 calories are burned per 30 minutes when swimming. This is due to the 14-fold increased resistance of the water compared to endurance sports in the air.

Schwimmen hilft beim Abnehmen
Swimming burns an enormous amount of calories.
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Charlotte Karlsen/Unsplash.com

It’s Never Too Late for Swimming

Babies can swim naturally, but then unlearn it again and need swimming aids. Children can swim freely from the age of four at the earliest. The best age for learning to swim is primary school, because this is when the coordination of arms and legs is fully developed. Later, adolescents or adults find it somewhat more difficult to learn the complex movement patterns, but they can still learn.


No Material Costs

In the future, anyone who can swim once will only need water to practice the sport. In public waters such as rivers and lakes, the financial outlay is zero. Cooling off on hot days, ice bathing on New Year's Day - swimming is always possible, even outside indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Schwimmen hat keine Materialkosten.
When swimming, all you need is the water.
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Shazmyn Ali/Unsplash.com

Discover New Worlds

Swimming opens up a whole new realm of life for humans, the aquatic or underwater world. With aids such as diving goggles, fins, snorkels or oxygen tanks, people can move in and on the water in a variety of ways, without a boat or SUP board to reach islands and the depths to plants and animals that they otherwise do not get to see live outside of aquariums.


Swimming as Strength Training

Everyone can be happy swimming at his own pace, in his favorite way of moving. One swims leisurely laps, the other swims lane after lane against the clock. And in between, people splash, slide and jump from the edge of the pool or from the highest tower. Whether intended or not, swimming is strength training par excellence, especially the back muscles are strengthened. This relieves the spine,tension is released and back pain disappears.

Schwimmen als Krafttraining
Swimming is also ideal for strength training.
Image credit:
Brian Matangelo/Unsplash.com

New Vacation Destinations

For the swimmer, not only the water world opens up, but also new areas on this earth. Those who can swim consider completely different destinations for trips and vacations. Beach, sea, ocean, river walks - all this then comes into question. Those who cannot swim deny themselves these options.


Swimming Is Balance and Makes Happy

Like jogging and hiking, swimming is an endurance sport that is excellent for inner balance. The steady activity makes you forget the stress and worries of everyday life, stabilizes your pulse and breathing, and afterwards you are exhausted, but satisfied and cheerful.

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