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ISPO Digitize Summit: Everything about day 2 in our ticker

What does digitalization mean for the sporting goods industry and the sports business? This is what the ISPO Digitize Summit at the ICM at Messe München is all about. Renowned speakers from Adidas, FC Bayern, Amazon, the ANWR Group and Deutsche Telekom, among others, will give keynote speeches and workshops on what the digital world of tomorrow will look like. Our live ticker from day 2.

Day 2 of the ISPO Digitize Summit in our ticker

The ISPO Digitize Summit celebrates its premiere this year and the diverse topics such as digital marketing, digital payment, e-commerce, the digitalization of the entire value chain from sporting goods production to sales to the end customer or digital matchmaking show how important the event is.

Read all about the first day here.

+++ This concludes the ISPO Digitize Summit +++

This concludes the first ISPO Digitize Summit after two days. Many thanks to all those involved and to all interested! All information about the Summit and other contents can be found as usual on

+++ Tobias Gröber enters the stage +++

Tobias Gröber, Head of ISPO, gives the closing speech at the two-day ISPO Digitize Summit. In his wrap-up, he highlights three points.

1) "Digitalization is not going to disappear. So go ahead. Launch now!"

2) "Digitalization is about people." Gröber explains how important it is to know about his customers, about the users, to know data, to understand their needs.

3) "Evaluate the feedback!" For Tobias Gröber, this means using the example of ISPO Digitize: "It will not remain a one-time event. We want to promote the digitalization of the sports business, and for this we need your help: Tell us what was good - and what we can do better".

Tobias Gröber, Head of ISPO
Tobias Gröber, Head of ISPO

+++ Futurologist Kirig holds last keynote speech +++

Futurologist Anja Kirig holds the last keynote speech on the second day of ISPO Digitize on the future of the sports market and its consequences for society.

It deals with global megatrends and has brought with it good news: "Sport is becoming increasingly important in society. However, sport must come to the people.

"It can be seen that the society is developing from associations to an informal sports community," says Anja Kirig. "There is a longing for new groups, for a new sense of togetherness."

+++ The Mirai as the gym of the future? +++

"Sitting is the new smoking," says Ralph Scholz at the beginning of his keynote speech. And yes, this is directly related to digitalization, which facilitates so much, but provides possibilities for comfort in all aspects of life. This is where "The Mirai" wants to start.

The Mirai is to be a 50,000 square metre fitness centre of the future. At the moment the centre is still in the middle of the planning phase, it will be built in Oberhausen in 2020.

"The Mirai" is a McFit concept, but integrates partners from the sports industry, sports science and associations. The aim is to motivate people to move.

The first pilot projects are already underway: For example, pupils in Oberhausen can use e-games to encourage movement in school sports.

Ralph Scholz, CEO „The Mirai“
Ralph Scholz, CEO „The Mirai“

+++ In-store tablets generate sales +++

Jan Kegelberg from SportScheck explains how the introduction of in-store tablets has helped to increase in-store sales. Important: they must be used by the seller.

They offer him many new ways to interact with the customer and improve the shopping experience. Approximately 10 million additional sales were generated by the tablets in the stores.

SportScheck's Jan Kegelberg at ISPO Digitize

+++ Saturn/Media Market from dino to online giant +++

Martin Wild, Digital Director at Saturn/Media Markt, reports on the big stage about "Future of Retail" and the role of robots.

Wild explains how his company has changed from a dinosaur - no online business until 2011 - to an excellent multi-channel seller: "We are only at the beginning of the digital revolution. We accept mistakes in change and learn from them."

+++ Hackdays brought engagement +++

Nearly 47 million fans on Facebook. 12.8 million on Instagram, 5.6 million on Twitter, 10 million monthly visits via the website and 12 million via the app - FC Bayern reaches a huge global community. And that's still not enough. The Hackdays gave the German record champion the opportunity to gain huge engagement of a very technology-oriented target group, says the club's digital strategist, Benjamin Stoll.

A few facts about the FCBayernHackdays:

  • 226 participants from 43 nations selected from over 1300 applicants
  • Innovative approach for collaboration, co-creation, ideation and generation of new fan experiences
  • Collaboration and exchange of ideas with leading experts from Google, Facebook, Copa90 etc.
  • 46 ideas and prototypes, 5-6 of them "with a huge potential" (Stoll)
  • Innovative springboard for fan engagement
The digital milestones of FC Bayern

+++ Workshop about printable electronics +++

How can the sports industry benefit from these new technologies? What is possible, where are the current limits of what is feasible? Johannes Becker from the Schreiner Group explains the state of affairs to a very interested audience. From the printed RFID chip, which tracks the product or enables contact between fire and consumer via smartphone, to sophisticated sensor technology for pulse or temperature measurement, a great deal is already possible.

His conclusion: "However, these technical components are always only part of the solution. They only make sense when the generated data can also be used or the consumer has a benefit from it".

+++ FC Bayern on stage again +++

Workshop with FC Bayern: Benjamin Stoll talks about the FCBayernHackdays and what the German record champion learned from the interaction with the crowd at the hackathon.

The social media figures of the FC Bayern

+++ BSI Sport Clearing Center for data exchange +++

Twelve companies - including Adidas - have joined together under the umbrella of the BSI to organise data exchange via a uniform interface via the new "BSI Sport Clearing Center". Dealers include Intersport, Sport 2000 and Amazon. BSI members pay 7000 Euro per year as a flat rate for the service.

+++ Workshop on e-commerce strategies +++

The workshop on e-commerce strategies attracts many visitors. Johannes Altmann of Shoplupe has been a business consultant for many years. "My #MAKERday seminar usually lasts a whole day, I crushed it up for you," says Altmann.

Johannes Altmann of Shoplupe

+++ Where is the fun? +++

"In a world of autonomous cars, where is the driving fun for me," one listener wants to know in the final round of questions. "Believe me, we have already discussed this a lot internally," Schwarzenbauer confidently parries. The BMW manager says that the driving pleasure does not take place in the city anyway, one experiences the joy of driving a car rather on an excursion across the country. "If you want to have fun driving, you press a button in the car and the steering wheel is extended. And then you probably have more fun driving than you do today."

+++ BMW wants a revolution +++

In his exciting keynote speech Schwarzenbauer draws the vision of the mobility of the future. Everything is connected. "Our goal is that by 2025, the only place to go is a BMW. Cities become accident-free, silent and emission-free. People will see this as a revolution."

+++ BMW Board Member on stage +++

BMW Board Member Peter Schwarzenbauer now holds his keynote speech on the topic "Digital Ironman for Future Mobility".

"A few years ago it would have been very unusual for a representative of the automotive industry to speak at a digital congress," Peter Schwarzenbauer begins his keynote address.

The BMW board compares the challenges of digitalization with a triathlon. "It's not helpful to be world-class in just one of the three disciplines. You have to be world class in all disciplines if you want to be at the top. We have four disciplines: "Autonomous Driving", "Connected", "Electrification" and "Shared / Services".

Peter Schwarzenbauer on the ISPO Digitize stage

+++ A robot for a new customer experience +++

Now in the spotlight on the big stage is the ISPO Digitize favourite: Pepper, the robot.

Nicolas Boudot immediately arouses enthusiasm in the audience at the beginning of his lecture: Germany is world champion in robot soccer. Well ...

Boudot: "60 percent of customers prefer to buy in stationary shops. Pepper helps deliver a unique customer experience."

Robot Pepper at the ISPO Digitize Summit

+++ Telekom applies omnichannel approach +++

Internally, the focus is on the further development of the corporate structure towards an agile organization. Externally, i.e. in contact with customers, Deutsche Telekom is trying to establish an omnichannel approach with many touchpoints that leads to sales both offline and online.

Körber closes the event with the three success factors for digitalization at Deutsche Telekom: 

1) the right touchpoints

2) reliable IT and

3) the right personnel

+++ Deutsche Telekom on stage +++

ISPO Digitize Day 2 starts with Daniel Körber, expert for digital transformation at Deutsche Telekom.

He talks about how digitalization has changed Deutsche Telekom: "This year, digitalization is explicitly included in Deutsche Telekom's corporate strategy for the first time. The goal is to become the digital leader in the telecommunications market." Körber admits that digitalization is not anchored in Telekom's DNA. External experts help to increase digital know-how at Deutsche Telekom.

Daniel Körber on stage

+++ That was the first day +++

You missed our first day with Robert Scoble, Adidas executive Roland Auschel and ANWR CEO Günter Althaus, among others? Here you can read everything about day one of the ISPO Digitize Summit.

+++ That's day 2 of the ISPO Digitize Summit +++

Let's go to the second and last day of the ISPO Digitize Summit. Today, keynotes, workshops and case studies are presented, among others, by Deutsche Telekom, BMW, FC Bayern Munich and MediaMarkt. Here you can find the complete line-up of ISPO Digitize.

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