Bosch E-Bike Systems wants to Acquire ISPO BRANDNEW Winner Cobi

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Bosch E-Bike Systems is planning the acquisition of Cobi. The company is a start-up in the field of connected biking, and was the 2016 ISPO BRANDNEW winner in the wearables sector. Cobi offers (e-)bikers the option of using their smartphones as a control, infotainment, and display unit. 

Cobi uses the smartphone and connects (e-)bikers with, among other things, navigation apps
Cobi uses the smartphone and connects (e-)bikers with, among other things, navigation apps

The amount the acquisition of Cobi will cost Bosch is unknown. The cartel authorities also still need to approve the deal. Cobi connects smartphones to bicycles via mount.

Smartphone controls e-bike

The phone, for example, can then be used as a bicycle-specific GPS device; it’s charged simultaneously and, in the case of e-bikes, the motor is controlled via the smartphone. The system has an automatic light sensor and an alarm system, and can be linked with other fitness or navigation apps. 

Bosch, a specialist in e-bike drive systems, aims to expand its portfolio in the field of networked products and services with Cobi. Claus Fleischer, managing director of Bosch E-Bike Systems: “This is where Cobi brings the necessary competence, experience, and the corresponding technologies for a successful collaboration.” 

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Claudia Klingelhöfer Author: Claudia Klingelhöfer (editor in chief)