Marathon Calendar 2021/22 in Europe: The Five Most Beautiful Marathons

LISTICLE | 12/06/2017
Stefan Drexl ist Redakteur der ISPO.
Stefan Drexl

The marathon is the ultimate test of endurance for many runners. But where is it really worthwhile to run a marathon in Europe? We present the five most beautiful marathons in Europe: Jungfrau Marathon, Athens Authentic Marathon, Paris Marathon, Hamburg Marathon and Swiss Alpine Marathon Davos.

Since 1896, the marathon has been the longest Olympic running discipline and continues to grow in popularity.The42.195 kilometres no longer only inspire professional runners, but also more and more ambitious recreational runners.Here are our top recommendations for your marathon calendar.


Marathon in Europe: Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland

The Jungfrau Marathon has been held every year since 1993 at the beginning of September in the Bernese Oberland. It is one of the most famous mountain marathons in the world and offers an impressive panorama for every runner due to its route along the most popular Swiss mountain massif with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

The start is in Interlaken at 565 meters above sea level and ends on the Kleine Scheidegg at 2095 meters in front of the triumvirate of the world famous Jungfrau massif. There are 1829 metres of ascent and 305 metres of descent, with the highest point being reached at kilometre 41 at an altitude of 2,205 metres. The last kilometre is downhill to the finish at Kleine Scheidegg.

INFO: jungfrau-marathon.ch


Marathon in Europe: Athens Authentic Marathon

Once in a lifetime every marathon runner should take part in this classic on ground steeped in history. Perhaps in the Marathon Calendar 2021.

The Athens Marathon is considered the origin of all 42-kilometre races, and long-distance runners can expect a journey back in time to antiquity. From the historic village of Marathon, east of Athens, the race will be run along the original historic route all the way to the Greek capital. A must in every marathon calendar.

The unforgettable finish in the historic Panathinaiko Stadium with its magnificent marble backdrop will give you goose bumps. At the same place in 1896 at the first Olympic Games of modern times, the runner Spyridon Louis was celebrated as the first marathon winner.
INFO: athensauthenticmarathon.gr


Marathon in Europe: Marathon de Paris in France

After London and Berlin, Paris is the third largest marathon in Europe and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016. Since 1976, the marathon in the "City of Love" has taken place every year in April (with the exception of 1991) and ranks eighth worldwide among the fastest races in the marathon calendar.

Unlike London or New York, any runner, regardless of nationality, can register for the Marathon de Paris and has an equal chance of a starting place.

The 42 kilometres start on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and first lead eastwards via the Place de la Concorde. The first half of the course is rather flat. The undulating second section runs through the Bois de Boulogne until you turn onto the Avenue Foch at 42 kilometres.

With a view of the Arc de Triomphe you finally cross the finish line - unquestionably one of the most beautiful marathons in the calendar.


Marathon in Europe: Haspa Marathon Hamburg

The Hamburg Marathon is Germany's largest spring marathon. This was the first race over 42.195 km, which is marked with a continuous blue line the running course on the road. The start is at the Hamburg Messe and leads from there over a large loop through the Hanseatic city.

The marathon in Hamburg is known for its incredibly beautiful route along the most important sights of the Hanseatic city. But what makes it a very special experience are the many enthusiastic spectators who provide a great atmosphere on and off the course.


Marathon in Europe: Swiss Marathon Davos, Switzerland

Graubünden, in the middle of the Swiss mountains, offers athletes a unique running experience and pure mountains. The various routes and distances of the Swiss Alpine Marathon Davos run through a breathtaking landscape from Bergün to Davos. What a run in the marathon calendar Europe.

The organizers offer six different course lengths and other additional variants for ultra runners through the great mountain scenery.

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Stefan Drexl ist Redakteur der ISPO.
Stefan Drexl

Stefan Drexl ist Redakteur der ISPO.
Stefan Drexl