Bike trends for the year 2022

LISTICLE | 08/16/2021
Jens Vögele

Cycling continues to be an unstoppable trend. Demand is increasing worldwide, urban mobility is changing rapidly, and people's need for exercise in nature and for adventure is growing. ISPO.com shows where the market is heading and which areas are particularly interesting in 2022.


Urban mobility: e-bikes instead of E-Classes

Driving a car and complaining about traffic jams at the same time is a contradiction in terms. The development in inner-city traffic is moving further and further away from the car. The bicycle infrastructure, on the other hand, is growing steadily, and the e-bike boom makes it possible to cover even hilly routes in a relaxed manner and without strenuous exertion.

One category is particularly trendy: SUV - based on the car category with a sometimes dubious reputation. When it comes to bicycles, SUVs mean mountain bikes that are suitable for everyday use, with racks, lights, stands and sometimes even a low step-in. This means stress-free everyday cycling and fun at the same time when you want to go on a bike tour.

If you still want to cycle in the city without motor assistance, you should consider whether there is still an old frame or an old bike in the cellar or attic. Anyone who makes it fly again is not only in the cycling trend, but also in the upcycling and recycling trend.

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Gravelbikes and e-mobility: the perfect match

Riding fun, nature experience, adventure. Gravel bikes combine these three characteristics. The trend for road bikes with lugged tyres or - depending on your point of view - trekking bikes with racing handlebars continues unabated to 2022. Relaxed geometries, sophisticated drive technology, wide tires and disc brakes inspire all those road cyclists who want to get off the road. But mountain bikers also love the direct, immediate riding experience and are switching or expanding their fleet.

E-drives are also gaining a foothold in the gravel sector - whether powerful and enduring with Shimano or Bosch motors or light-footed and agile with the lightweight Fazua or Mahlem motors. Purists, however, continue to swear by muscle drive, especially since it allows them to experience one of the latest outdoor top trends more directly: microadventures. Get out of the daily grind and out of your comfort zone, make your dreams come true. For cyclists, this means packing your bags, setting off and spending the night outdoors.

Bikepacking is the name of the game - and the latest gravel bikes and the accessories market offer plenty of options for attaching panniers to your bike with everything you need for the road.


Mountain bike: Discovering design trends and down country

At least in the summer months, the mountains attract tourists en masse, despite - or perhaps because of - Corona. Even in typical hiking regions you can see a growing number of mountain bikers - which is also due to the fact that in the alpine area there are more and more and now even almost exclusively e-mountain bikes for rent. Ideal for beginners to explore the mountain world on studded tires. And die-hard mountain bikers can try out how it feels to explore steep and technical terrain uphill with motor assistance.

The variety of models is greater than ever, the drives are sophisticated, and the design looks elegant thanks to the ever-improving integration of battery and drive. Speaking of integration: Those who still ride classic mountain bikes without a motor will increasingly find visually tidy bikes among the new products. Electronic radio gearshifts and internally routed brake lines make this possible.

Also spectacular: the new Scott Spark Racefully with integrated shock absorber in the seat tube. This not only looks tidy and elegant, but also protects the damper from dirt. And finally, mountain bikers can also look forward to a whole new category: Down Country are bikes that are actually race files, but with longer suspension travel or lowerable seatposts are clearly more fun-oriented.


Sustainability: An industry rethinks

Switch from car to bike - and all is well. The world could be that simple. But when it comes to sustainability, it's not. Because global bicycle production also leaves its mark, which cannot be neglected from an ecological point of view. Long transport routes, energy-intensive production, problematic raw materials - all these are also negative side effects of the bicycle boom. At least the supply bottlenecks during the Corona pandemic have already led to a rethink.

Bike manufacturers are beginning to move production facilities back to Europe from the Far East. Clothing manufacturers are using recyclable materials, environmentally friendly coatings or working on the durability of their products. And in the accessories sector, plastics are being developed using renewable raw materials or ecologically safe lubricants. There are more and more companies and manufacturers who take the topic of sustainability seriously and are helping to strengthen this megatrend more and more.

Rose, a pioneer in the mail-order bicycle business, recently even announced that it will be completely climate-neutral in just four years. So that people can switch from car to bike in the future.


Bike leasing: Bike leasing pays off

For a long time, a huge company car was both a status symbol and a privilege. Since the advent of bike leasing, this has changed fundamentally. Because bikes are increasingly becoming status symbols and because more and more employers no longer reserve the topic of "company car" for the executive suite alone. More than 300,000 leased bikes were therefore already on German roads and cycle paths in 2020. With a strong upward trend.

The attractive aspect in Germany is that the leasing instalment is paid from the gross salary, i.e. before deduction of taxes and duties. In return, 0.25 percent of the sales price must be taxed each month as a non-cash benefit. This results in attractive monthly instalments, which are usually calculated over a three-year period of use. After that, the bike can be returned or taken over at a residual value price.

Almost all bicycle dealers or Internet mail order companies now work together with large leasing providers. The principle is simple: choose the bike you want, have a leasing offer drawn up, sign and ride off. Anyone who rides a company bike in 2022 will be one of the trendsetters of the season. However, demand will continue to outstrip supply on the bicycle market in the coming season. So anyone who sees their dream bike should not hesitate for long.

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Jens Vögele