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E-bikes for the City, a Bike Trip and Long Tours

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E-trekking bikes have to be able to do a lot. They need endurance, reliability and versatility to win the hearts of buyers. But the market is becoming more and more diverse. There are bikes for the city, perfect all-rounders and indestructible touring bikes. sheds light on the thicket of the market and presents eight e-trekking bikes that are everything. Except ordinary.


Stromer: ST5

There are certain vehicle types that shape categories from the very beginning and then at some point play in a price class that is unparalleled. This is the case with the VW Bus in the van segment, for example. And with S-Pedelecs, this definitely applies to Stromers. Right from the start, Stromer bikes set milestones in terms of technology, quality and design - at an upscale retail price. Back in 2009, Stromer founder Thomas Binggeli developed a bike that clearly stood out from the rest. Even then, the rear-wheel drive battery was elegantly integrated into the down tube. The latest ST5 generation is bursting with power. 850 watt drive with 983 Wh battery provide pure power and ranges of up to 180 km. With its fully integrated design and anti-lock braking system, the Stromer ST5 wins one award after another. In Germany, however, you need an insurance license plate for S-pedelec riding fun à la Stromer with an assistance of up to 45 km/h and are not allowed to use cycle paths with it.


Cube: Kathmandu Hybrid

Even the name awakens a sense of adventure. Kathmandu. Nepal. Himalaya. Anyone setting out on a bike tour here needs a reliable companion. Cube, one of the largest bike manufacturers in Europe, has robust and well thought-out trekking e-bikes in its range with the Kathmandu model series. And - typical for Cube - with an extremely attractive price-performance ratio. The Kathmandu One 500 is already available for 2699 euros, the top model SLT costs 4299 euros. Naturally, there are differences in terms of equipment, drive and battery capacity. All models have an elegant look because of the integrated luggage rack and promise comfort because of the adjustable stem. And: All Kathmandu models are available with a diamond frame, a trapezoidal frame or as a low-rider. You don't even have to travel to Nepal with it. The Kathmandu bikes are also ideal for cycling on your doorstep, in the Black Forest or along the Danube.


Sushi Bikes: Maki and Sushi California Roll

How much do you have to spend on a well-designed e-bike? Not a thousand euros. For that you have to make a few sacrifices, but you get either the Maki model with a diamond frame or the California Roll model as a low-rider from Sushi Bikes. Behind the brand is TV celebrity Joko Winterscheidt and his team, who have developed two uncompromising bikes for the city. Uncompromisingly simple, because they come as a single speeder without gears. Uncompromisingly light, because the drive and battery capacity are designed for distances of no more than 40 kilometers - ideally for city traffic. And uncompromisingly cheap, because it does without any frills. Compared to many other "cheap bikes" on the market, riders of Sushi Bikes make a stylish statement. Because the bikes come across as extremely cool, just like the prominent head behind them.


HNF Nicolai: XD3

If you want to experience as much adventure as possible with as little stress as possible, you will most likely find the right bike at HNF Nicolai. Stable hardtail frame, latest generation Bosch drive, dual battery option with up to 1125 watt hours, thick tyres, high-quality suspension fork and powerful brakes: all this ensures carefree riding fun on the road and off-road. With a Gates belt drive and the optional Rohloff gear hub, the XD3 is virtually maintenance-free for many thousands of kilometres. Therefore, adventure bikers don't really need to take any spare parts with them apart from brake pads and spare inner tubes. And: Depending on the area of use, the XD3 is optionally available as a pedelec with support up to 25 km/h or as an S-pedelec with support up to 45 km/h.


Rose: XtraWatt Evo

Rose is a giant on the bicycle market in Germany. Formerly a pure mail order company, the company from Bocholt has developed more and more into a brand that can be experienced. Initially with the Biketown, for whose visit on weekends some bike enthusiasts drive several hundred kilometres. In the meantime, Rose products can be bought at 14 locations in Germany. But what hasn't changed at Rose since time immemorial is the almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. The XtraWatt Evo, for example, changes hands for just 2850 euros. Elegant looks, sturdy frame, Bosch drive. The battery capacity is a modest 400 watt hours. However, this is easily enough for cruising or commuting in the city or for most moderate bike tours.


FLYER: Goroc4

Flyer is undoubtedly one of the e-bike pioneers - and the bikes of the manufacturer from Switzerland are therefore also among the most sophisticated. Flyer calls its Goroc4 model a universal genius. It is a touring bike, commuter and off-road bike all in one, so it's something like the egg-laying pillow - also because buyers can choose between pedelec and S-pedelec versions. Optionally, the Goroc4 is also available with a fat 720 Wh battery, which powers the lightweight Panasonic motor even on extremely long rides and ensures that the Goroc4 gives its rider wings.


Kalkhoff: Endeavour 7.B Belt

Kalkhoff is also one of those brands that played in the concert of the e-bike orchestra early on. If you look at the Endeavour in comparison to the first e-trekking bikes, for example, the quantum leaps in development become obvious. The drive and battery are so elegantly integrated into the frame that laymen have to look twice to realise that this is an e-bike. And what a bike it is! The Endeavour's potential is huge. The Bosch CX drive with 625 Wh battery can cover up to 125 kilometres, and the equipment is impeccable in every respect, from the gears and brakes to the Supernova lighting system. The luggage rack and semi-integrated folding lock also contribute to the bike's suitability for everyday use. Useful: The Endeavour 7.B Belt model is powered by a Gates carbon belt - which, in combination with the continuously variable Enviolo trekking gear hub, ensures stress-free continuous operation, which is particularly pleasing for long-distance and touring cyclists.


Rennstahl: 853 E-Touring Bike Rohloff E14

If you can't remember the bulky model name, you should just focus on the character of this bike. And that is simply uncompromising. If you're looking for a touring bike, you'll find just about everything you need to make cycling a pleasure on this noble steel manufacturer's frame. A double battery for a huge range, front and rear racks, thick tyres that make suspension superfluous, a powerful lighting system and a virtually maintenance-free drive system consisting of a Gates carbon belt and Rohloff gear hub. And on top of that, a permissible total weight of 185 kilos. If adventurers don't reach their destination with this bike, then it's pretty sure that it shouldn't be the material.