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Sustainability in Sports and Outdoor

You Should Follow These 9 Role Models of Environmental Protection (Part 2)

In a two-part series, our guest author Lisa Amenda has compiled nine sustainability role models from sport and outdoor. In part 2 of the series, she presents four exciting personalities who have committed themselves to the topic of sustainability.

Trailrunner lieben Natur und setzen daher auf nachhaltige und langlebige Produkte.
Sustainability Role Models from Sports and Outdoor (Part 2)

Living sustainably is uncomfortable, complicated and in any case means renunciation. Nobody said it was easy. However, these nine personalities from the worlds of sport and the outdoors prove that a sustainable lifestyle can be cool and inspires participation. Because their Instagram feeds are not only about action shots, but also about a real message. So it's worth clicking on the follow button.

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The Photographer: Meg Haywood Sullivan

Instagram and beautiful pictures belong together like spaghetti and tomato sauce. That's why a photographer should never be missing from the list. May I introduce: Meg Haywood Sullivan. She photographs for manufacturers such as Clif Bar, Prana or Keen. Besides her work, she also supports environmental organisations such as Protect our Winters, Surfrider Foundation or Conservation International to protect our planet.

Together with Sierra Quitiquit she has founded Plastic Free Fridays. Her photos immediately make you want to go out and show exactly why we should work for sustainability: the beauty of nature.

Instagram account from Meg Haywood Sullivan

The Influencer: Katie Boué

You want a prime example of an outdoor influencer? Then I suggest Katie Boué. On her Instagram profile, she shares stylish images of her adventures with her dog Spaghetti around her hometown of Salt Lake City, while at the same time championing the environment and, most importantly, American National Monuments and Public Lands.

Besides her social media work for the Outdoor Industry Association and her blog The Morning Fresh, Katie founded the Outdoor Advocacy Project and wants to encourage outdoor athletes to treat their environment and fellow human beings ethically, sustainably and emphatically.

Instagram account from Katie Boué

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Hola amigos! 👋 I woke up to lots of new friends here and wanted to say hi! and reintroduce myself. I’m Katie Boué. She/hers/ella/anything-said-in-respect. I’m a Cuban-American outdoor advocate raised in Miami, currently living in Salt Lake City. My doggo (pictured) is named Spaghetti and she’s the jam. I believe that outdoorsy people have a responsibility to do good outside and to take action to protect the places we love. I believe that it’s our duty to get educated on political issues affecting the outdoors, our environment, and our communities—and I believe it’s our duty to take action accordingly. I started a benefit-corporation organization called the Outdoor Advocacy Project (@outdooradvocacy) to spread awareness and action throughout the outdoor community. I believe we want to do good, and I believe we can do better together. Other things I believe in: eating pasta for breakfast, valuing progress over perfection, always packing a bathing suit, sun + saltwater heals everything, and never turn down a Cuban cafecito. And did I mention how dope my dog Spaghetti is? If you’re new here (or if you’ve been here for a while) leave me a comment about yourself! Who are you, where are you from, what are you fired up on? We get into some deep, challenging, inspiring conversations around here, so getting to know each other is key to growing as a community! 💛 Say hi, I’m so glad you’re here. Photo: @jo_savagephotography

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The Climber: Tommy Caldwell

I guess I don't have to say much to him in the outdoor world. Climber. Conqueror of the Dawn Wall. And he is described, in a nutshell, as the best big wall climber of all time. So his Instagram account shows just that: breathtaking climbing shots, life with his wife and two children in Yosemite Valley and his work as an environmentalist.

He speaks before Congress, attends climate change demos, actively calls for votes to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (the northernmost wildlife sanctuary in the US) from Trump's government's oil plans, and talks to Alex Honnold in videos about how the two can become better citizens of the world.

Instagram account from Tommy Caldwell

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The Trump administration recently finalized plans to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development. This means that the government can now auction off leases to companies who want to drill on the Refuge’s Coastal Plain. Not only is the Coastal Plain sacred land to the Gwich’in Nation, it also encompasses 19.3 million acres of one of the last healthy Arctic ecosystems on earth—home to calving porcupine caribou and polar bear dens, where musk ox, grizzly bear, wolves and migrating birds from all 50 states live and thrive. But Trump also admitted that this may or may not happen. Could it be that they leaving an opening in case there is a big public outcry? The recent passage of the Great American Outdoors act and the cancelation of oil and gas leases around Moab have shown that the will of the people can make a difference, at least for now when there is an election looming. The majority of Americans want these places to remain protected. On the other side are the top 5 oil companies alone spending more that 200 million a year on lobbying. If we want to win this battle, we must make more noise than big oil. If we want to win the war, we must elect officials, and a president that understand renewables will win the race and destroying our last remaining wild and sacred places is not worth it. So, my ask is this. Make a solid plan to vote. Help your friends and family make a plan to vote. Spreads the word that social justice, wilderness and the environment are top voting priorities. And if you want to sign a petition go to the link in my bio. #vote #protectthearctic 📸 @austin_siadak

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The Drag Queen: Pattie Gonia

Photographer Wyn Wiley has created a drag queen alter ego with Pattie Gonia, who wants to make the outdoor world a little less stiff and more sustainable. Pattie Gonia values sustainability, recycled materials and above all equality. Intersectional environmental protection is of course also her theme. She, or rather Wyn, also openly admits that he wasn't always a sustainability nerd, but that anyone can change if they want to.

And if you are still not satisfied with Patty's Instagram Account, you should definitely take a look at the video she made with REI under the title "Everything to lose" has produced. Mother Natch is counting on you!

Instagram account by Pattie Gonia

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