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All Dates, Athletes and the New Rating

Freeride World Tour 2021: Season Opener in Andorra

The Freeride World Tour starts the season on February 20 in Andorra. The best freeriders and snowboarders in the world will compete in at least three events. There are innovations in the ranking.

The athletes of the Freeride World Tour 2021 have been announced.

A total of 48 athletes - seven female snowboarders, nine male snowboarders, eight female skiers and 24 male skiers - will compete for the trophy of the FWT champion in their category. The reigning world champions Marion Haerty (France, snowboard) and Arianna Tricomi (Italy, ski) as well as the world champions Nils Mindnich (USA, snowboard) and Isaac Freeland (USA, ski) are taking part as well as the wildcard athletes Tao Kreibich (Austria) and Konstantin Ottner (Germany) and the 2018 snowboard world champion Manuela Mandl (Austria). Snowboard legend Gigi Rüf (AUT) is qualified regularly as sixth of the preseason. 

These are the participants of the Freeride World Tour 2021:

Top 13 of the FWT 2020 in order of the overall ranking:

  • Isaac Freeland (USA)
  • Kristofer Turdell (Sweden)
  • Andrew Pollard (USA)
  • Blake Marshall (New Zealand)
  • Reine Barkered (Sweden)
  • Carl Regner (Sweden)
  • Drew Tabke (USA)
  • Carl Renvall (Switzerland)
  • Tom Peiffer (Canada)
  • Tanner Hall (USA)
  • Kevin Nichols (USA)

The Top FWQ 2020 – „The Rookies“:

  • Maël Ollivier (France)
  • David Deliv (Sweden)
  • Julian Hampton (New Zealand)
  • Ross Tester (USA)
  • Cooper Bathgate (Canada)
  • Raymond McDermott (USA)

The Wildcards:

  • Léo Slemett (France)
  • Sam Lee (New Zealand)
  • Yann Rausis (Switzerland)
  • Tao Kreibich (Austria)
  • Yu Sasaki (Japan)
  • Konstantin Ottner (Germany)
  • Aymar Navarro (Spain)

Top 6 of the FWT 2020 in order of the overall ranking:

  • Arianna Tricomi (Italy)
  • Hedvig Wessel (Norway)
  • Elisabeth Gerritzen (Switzerland)
  • Olivia McNeill (Canada), replacing the injured Jacqueline Pollard (USA)

The Top FWQ 2020 – „The Rookies“:

  • Zuzanna Witych (Poland)
  • Tracy Chubb (USA)

The Wildcards

  • Maude Besse (Switzerland)
  • Juliette Willmann (France)

Top 6 of the FWT 2020 in order of the overall ranking:

  • Nils Mindnich (USA)
  • Victor de le Rue (France)
  • Sammy Luebke (USA)
  • Cody Bramwell (UK)
  • Jonathan Penfield (USA)
  • Gigi Rüf (Austria)

The Top FWQ 2020 – „The Rookies“:

  • Hugo Serra (France)
  • Michael Mawn (USA)

The Wildcard:

  • Blake Moller (USA)

Top 4 of the FWT 2020 in order of the overall ranking:

  • Marion Haerty (France)
  • Michaela Davis-Meehan (Australia)
  • Erika Vikander (USA)
  • Nuria Castan Baron (Spain)

The Top FWQ 2020 – „The Rookies“:

  • Katie Anderson (USA)
  • Claire McGregor (New Zealand)

The Wildcard:

  • Manuela Mandl (Austria)
  • Anna Orlova (Russia)

Freeride World Tour: The Event Calendar for 2021

This is the calendar for 2021:

  • Ordino Arcalís, Andorra (20 to 26 February 2021)
  • Fieberbrunn, Austria (March 6 to 12, 2021)
  • Verbier, Switzerland (20 to 28 March 2021)

As a replacement for the cancelled events in Hakuba (JPN) and Kicking Horse, Golden, BC (CAN), the FWT intends to hold a fourth and fifth contest within the weather windows of the three confirmed venues. The decision will be made on site, depending on weather and snow conditions as well as possible slopes.

These Are the Changes for the Athletes

Up to now, the decision about the final entry has been made after the fourth event, in 2021 the qualification will be completed after the third tour stop. This means that after Ordino Arcalís (Andorra) the finalists have already been determined, but the number of finalists will not change. Six female freeskiers, 13 male freeskiers, four female snowboarders and six male snowboarders will enter the last two competitions. The best two results from three competitions will be used.

After the successful test run with the snowboarders last season, all participants will complete two runs in 2021 in Fieberbrunn. The better run will be included in the ranking.

The Freeride World Tour Finals in Fieberbrunn and Verbier will be scored with 1.5 points each for the first time: For example, the winners will receive 15,000 points in the two final venues, as opposed to 10,000 points at the first three stops.

The best three out of five results will decide who becomes world champion.


Livestream and Security Concept

All competitions will be broadcast on The organizers of the Freeride World Tour emphasize on their site that they work closely with the local authorities regarding safety and hygiene during tour stops to ensure that each competition is conducted according to the applicable regulations.

Highlight Videos of the FWT Now Online

To shorten the wait for the season, the Freeride World Tour (FWT) has dived into the archives and compiled five videos that revel in the most memorable scenes of the tour - from the ten best tricks to the most ferocious crashes and the best backflips to the most spectacular GoPro moments and the highest cliff drops!

So pour yourself a hot tea of your choice and enjoy the show of Markus Eder (ITA), Wadeck Gorak (FRA), Hedvig Wessel (NOR), Travis Rice (USA), Victor De Le Rue (FRA).

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