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Ultralight and Made From Sustainable Materials: This Jacket From OS2O Is Reminiscent of Its Visionary Designer Oswaldo Rivera

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Here, sustainability and functionality go hand in hand: this highly functional and super-light jacket from Spanish outdoor supplier OS2O - FAST&LIGHT is made of 95 percent recycled materials. It was specially designed for fast and intense outdoor activities in winter, such as ski mountaineering and fast alpinism. It is the last project of the recently deceased OS2O designer Oswaldo Rivera, to whom this jacket is a memorial.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Oswald Thermore Ecodown Fast&Light jacket from OS2O

Weighing just 330 grams, the Oswald Thermore Ecodown (Fast&Light) jacket is designed for fast-paced alpine outdoor activities. Both the construction and material selection focus on weight reduction, high breathability and thermal performance, combining these functional requirements with increasingly important sustainability aspects.

Body Mapping for Targeted Function

The jacket is made from two innovative Gelanots fabrics developed specifically for this project, as well as two different Thermore Ecodown synthetic insulation materials. Using body mapping and thermography techniques, all materials are strategically placed on the body where their specific properties are needed.

Thus, the jacket is equipped with a puffier, down-feel, and warmer padding in the chest area, upper arms and back, while a lighter and more robust material was chosen for the underarms and hood. On the shoulders and forearms, OS2O uses a nylon ripstop fabric that has been reinforced with a Zxion fiber. Zxion is a polyarylate fiber with excellent tensile strength and elasticity.

The synthetic Thermore Ecodown filling feels like real down, is just as ultralight, but unlike down, retains its excellent loft even when wet. The combination of all selected components results in an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio of the jacket.

Other details have also been carefully placed to create a highly functional garment for fast alpinism: for example, the jacket is equipped with internal pockets for essentials, a pocket for a 500 ml water flask and a pocket for energy bars and a second pair of gloves. Thanks to a YKK double pull zipper, the jacket guarantees instant access to the essentials when moving fast without having to stop.

In addition, the jacket is compatible with climbing harness and helmet and has all the necessary adjustments for a perfect fit.

The jacket is made from 95 percent recycled materials and is animal-free.
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Focus on Sustainable Materials

The jacket contains 95 percent recycled material. This includes the Thermore Ecodown filling, which is made from 100 percent recycled PTE bottles and is therefore animal-free. All other fabrics and ingredients are made from 90 percent recycled PFC-free material, including the YKK zippers. Only the Zxion reinforcement fibers are expected to be made of recyclate in future versions.

OS2O offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. To extend product life, OS2O places a lot of emphasis on proper care. For this purpose, the team prepares detailed care instructions for each product. In addition, the company offers a repair service.

Homage to Oswaldo Rivera

The jacket also honors the memory of OS2O designer Oswaldo Rivera, who sadly passed away last July in an accident in the Spanish mountains. This jacket was his last project whose vision was to create an animal-free down jacket made from fully recycled material, while keeping the essence of FAST&LIGHT: highly functional and extremely lightweight.

Thanks to body-mapping technology, the jacket offers an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and a small pack size.
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That’s What Convinced the Jury:

  • sophisticated details and body mapping technology with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio
  • high percentage of recycled materials
  • homage to the late designer Oswaldo Rivera

Statement From OS2O:

"We are extremely happy to receive this ISPO Award for the Oswald Jacket which recognizes the visionary work of our late designer Oswaldo Rivera, a continous innovation to create functional, sustainable and very lightweight garments: FAST&LIGHT. It also awards the work of our providers and factory, who have made an outstading coordinated effort to make this project happen in record time. All in all, Oswaldo´s tragic death has brought the best of many individuals and OS2O will make sure to channel all that energy into a legacy to keep pushing the boundaries of faster and ligther products."
Rafael Peinado, founder of OS2O

What the Jury Said:

"Right from the first touch and try on, the jacket impressed with its lightness, pleasant feel and comfortable fit. The choice of material is well thought out and perfectly suited for intensive winter activities. The fact that the jacket bears the name of its late developer is a gentle posthumous tribute to his great work."
Jury ISPO Award
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