Product reviews/11/21/2023

Turn two into one: This two-layer sock mimics the layering system of clothing

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Imagine a sock interior that feels soft and cozy next-to-skin, but is robust and designed for wear and durability on the outside. Most socks can only do one or the other. That's why the US company Gordini has now developed a ski sock using a new type of two-layer knitting technology.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Winhall ski sock from Gordini.

Socks play an important role in our well-being. Not only because you get cold feet without them, but also because they have to fit well and function properly in order to perform well on the mountain. Whether you're an experienced skier or a beginner, everyone benefits from a better fitting and better performing sock.

The US company Gordini has taken the construction of clothing layers as a model and developed a technology that allows socks to be knitted in two layers and from different yarns. The result: the first two-layer sock.

Two-layer construction: SoleKNIT® dual layer technology

Winhall ski socks are knitted using special "twin layer" machines that make the first double-layer socks possible. This SoleKNIT® Dual Layer technology combines two different layers of yarn into a single knitted sock by combining a soft, moisture-wicking layer against the skin with a strong, durable outer layer. The two layers are then brought together at connection points throughout the sock to create a quilted effect. In this way, the two layers create air pockets that increase thermal benefits as well as breathability and moisture wicking. Soft, breathable merino wool with Coolmax lines the inner layer, while a durable layer of merino wool, nylon and polypropylene on the outside protects against wear and tear.

Thus, this two-layer sock mimics layering systems for outdoor apparel to keep your feet warm and dry all day long.

The Winhall socks are knitted in two layers.
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Inclusive Knit: OrbitKNIT® stretch fit

Better-fitting ski socks provide more control and comfort on the mountain. To further improve comfort, Gordini also works with a new stretch technology in the Winhall sock that reduces pressure at the cuffs and prevents the socks from wearing out. The OrbitKNIT® stretch fit utilizes a structural knit ribbed cuff to stretch around the leg and conform to all bodies and sizes for an improved and inclusive fit.

The knit pattern stretches out and returns to its original shape without relying on elastic yarns that normally contract and then wear out. The Gordini socks fit and feel more comfortable without compression or uncomfortable sock marks on the skin.

Body mapping for the foot

Until now, socks have been made from a single layer of mixed or differently placed yarns. With SoleKNIT® technology, yarns can be used in an even more isolated way. This allows the sock to be zoned to perform a specific function so that the fiber itself performs better and lasts longer. Strategically placed cushioning and padded support absorb shocks, reduce friction and prevent blisters.

The ski socks are available for women and men in two color variants each and in four weight classes (ultra-light, light, medium, heavy). They were launched in October 2023.

The OrbitKNIT® stretch fit utilizes a structural, knit rib cuff and does not use spandex.
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This convinced the jury:

  • Innovative two-layer SoleKNIT® knit technology
  • Cuff construction without elastane and compression
  • Strategically placed materials
  • Longer durability

Statement from Gordini:

"Gordini is a values-driven, independently owned outdoor brand that is committed to introducing purpose-built product that inspires progress and keeps people outside longer. Gordini Socks were built to fit and feel better with the intention to make outdoor adventure more accessible and more comfortable for everybody. We are proud of what we stand for – and now, what we stand in!"
Brett Wagenheim, Marketing Communications Director

What the jury said:

"This high-tech sock makes visible how advanced knitting technology is today. A two-layer sock that combines thermal performance, comfort and high durability and mimics the heat trapping of quilted insulation jackets is impressive."
ISPO Award Jury
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