Product reviews/11/25/2022

ISPO Award Winner 2022: deuter Alproof Tour 38+5 avalanche backpack

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Versatile and safe in use: with the Alproof Tour 38+5 avalanche backpack, Deuter presents a new touring version of its avalanche backpacks with the new Alpride E2 technology, a roll-top extension for multi-day tours and other practical features for ski touring.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2022: deuter Alproof Tour 38+5 avalanche backpack

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The Alproof Tour 38+5 is the new touring version of Deuter's avalanche airbag backpack with the fully electronic Alpride E2 technology. With 38 liters of volume, it is larger and offers an optional volume expansion of five liters with a roll top. With its comparatively light weight (2,790 grams in the men's version including airbag system), it is versatile and great for multi-day tours.

State-of-the-art airbag technology

The updated Alpride E2 avalanche airbag uses the latest supercapacitor technology and is one of the lightest fully electronic airbag systems on the market. The system is also unaffected by low temperatures, making it reliably ready for use. In addition to fast, high-pressure airbag deployment, this proven technology has huge advantages when it comes to maintenance and transport compared to traditional cartridge-powered systems. An LED display and release valve on the outside of the pack gives it good handling and makes it easy to monitor system status.

The use is extremely intuitive and can be practiced at any time without incurring costs, for example, because cartridges have been used up.

The new touring version of Deuter's avalanche airbag backpack with fully electronic Alpride E2 technology
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Safety and comfort

The airbag system can only help if the backpack also fits securely. The hip belt, the height- and width-adjustable chest strap and the leg safety belt work together to prevent the backpack from being torn off in an avalanche. The leg strap is necessary to prevent the backpack from slipping over the head in the event of an avalanche. It is simply clipped on without having to open the waist belt.

In addition to the safety aspects, the backpack comes with plenty of useful features that make ski touring even more enjoyable. Touring-specific additions include a rope attachment on the top and thoughtfully placed compartments and attachments that do not interfere with the airbag. The roll top with stowable strap for attaching a climbing rope is a new feature that Deuter has added to meet the needs of ski tourers who want to spend several days on the road.

The PFC-free backpack is spacious, lightweight and offers maximum comfort and practicality with the Alpine back carrying system. All materials have been selected to be functional, lightweight, safe and reliable for ski touring in alpine regions.

The deuter Alproof Tour 38+5 avalanche backpack will be available in retail in August 2023 in a men's version (38+5L) and an SL version for women (36+5L).

What convinced the jury:


  • Multiple functions for attaching and stowing gear without interfering with the avalanche system.
  • Roll-top extension can be filled or folded back as needed
  • Alpride E2 technology can be deployed quickly even in cold temperatures
  • No cartridges required
  • More space and modular attachment solutions


Statement from deuter:

"With the Alproof, we focused on ease of use and implemented this concept consistently, because that is one of the most important factors for more safety. As with all deuter backpacks, the airbag has a good fit with a super ratio of comfort, durability and weight. We are proud that our work has been rewarded with the ispo Award." Johannes Braun, Product Manager Outdoor Backpacks and Sleeping Bags at deuter

What the judges said:

"Sufficient space and the possibility of a five-liter expansion via roll-top make this backpack flexible for multi-day ski tours or splitboarding. Its modular attachment solutions don't interfere with the avalanche system, making the pack a reliable partner on multi-day tours in avalanche terrain." ISPO Award Jury
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