ISPO Award 2018: These are the winners

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The winners of the ISPO Award 2018 have been chosen: In the segments Health & Fitness, Outdoor, Snowsports, Urban and Team & Social Sports, the most innovative products are selected from around 500 applications. All winners will be on show at the ISPO Munich in Hall B1 from 28 to 31 January.

The jury of the ISPO Award has selected the best sports products 2018.
The jury of the ISPO Award has selected the best sports products 2018.

With the market highlights for the coming season, the emphasis is on sustainability and individualization. Skis and snowboards are not only becoming more environmentally friendly, they are also more durable thanks to their sustainability.

The high-profile Eco jury with members including Matthias Kimmerle, Professor for Textile Product Technology at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University looked at all entries from this point of view and awarded bonus points which had a major influence on the final result. The best innovations in each segment were named “Product of the Year” by the specialist jury.

An overview of all “Product of the Year” prize winners:

Health & Fitness: A technology for individualized running shoes directly from HP’s FitStation stores

An in-store retail solution combining 3D foot scans with dynamic gait analysis in order to deliver: off-the-shelf shoe recommendations, tailor-made, 3D-printed insoles, and fully customised shoes with variable PU injection-moulded midsoles. The customer receives truly customised products built to his or her individual needs- from size to shape, to structure and support. Everything is manufactured on site while the customer waits.

Outdoor: Forge S from Tecnica – the first anatomically adaptable trekking shoe

Thanks to the unique and patented CAS machine, specialised retailers can tailor the fit and foot-bed to the customer’s individual anatomical needs in only 20 minutes. Outdoor enthusiasts and trekking pros will appreciate the included ankle pads and the out-of-the-box fit as they are anatomically pre-shaped. The upper cover removes any pressure points from the ankle and offers unique foot support thanks to the self-locking lace design.

Snowsport: The ski and snowboard core technology FUS3D™ from CIME INDUSTRIES and CAPITA MFG

The FUS3D™ Technology is using a 3D printing technic called Fused Deposition Modelling to assemble a recyclable thermoplastic sidewall to the woodcore. The technology can be used for producing the cores of any snowboard shape. The patented process, the unique machinery and the custom recyclable thermoplastic material formulation increase durability of the FUS3D™ cores as well as production flexibility/reactivity and general quality.

Team & Social Sports: Maxi Grip from Select – the first resin-free handball

Maxi Grip is a newly developed handball with a unique sticky surface with excellent grip – for use in training and matches. The surface is sticky when caught. Upon release, however, hands remain clean with no adhesive traces nor are any marks left on the floor. This finally permits players who are not allowed to use resin (children, youngsters and players in resin-free halls) to play with a ball with an adhesive surface.

Urban: BH51M Helmetphone smart cycle helmet from Livall

The LIVALL Helmetphone BH51M is the perfect gear for cyclists looking for a smart way to listen to music and place calls without using their hands on their commute to work. This brand new product features a pioneering design and ushers in an age of smart cycling. It is made from high quality components to redefine cycling safety and is designed with a distinctive style and unique features.

ISPO Awards ceremony

The ISPO Awards ceremony will take place during the first two days of ISPO Munich. At 11:00 on Sunday, January 28, the prize in the Snowsports segment will be awarded, while at 15:00, the jury will hand out the awards for the best Health & Fitness and Team & Social Sports products. At 13:00 on Monday, January 29, the awards for the Outdoor and Urban segments will be presented. The awards for Eco Responsibility will also be presented at 11:00 and 13:00 on both days. For the first time, five innovation of the „Product of the Year“ will be presented to consumers during ISPO Munich Sports Week at Keller Sports in Munich on January, 30.