Sustainable Camping Gadgets for Vanlife

LISTICLE | 07/23/2022

Less is more - in the van for reasons of space alone. When thinking about the environment, this mantra becomes even more relevant, because if you want to camp in nature, you also have to treat it responsibly. Luckily, there is sustainable vanlife equipment for road trips without a guilty conscience. With these eco-friendly accessories, durable camping gadgets and biodegradable products, you'll be well equipped for your next outdoor adventure:

Camping Gadgets: Sustainable and functional

Good camping gadgets are not only functional and innovative, but above all sustainable. There are more and more changes on the market and especially in the outdoor sector the offer is expanding regularly. With the following camping gadgets you are not only well equipped, you also do something good for the environment. 


Electric camping stove from BioLite

Charge your smartphone while your coffee is brewing: As soon as the fire is lit in the portable camping stoves from BioLite, heat turns into electricity and the built-in battery stores the energy. So you can charge electrical devices via USB with 3 watts even when the fire is already extinguished.


Solar panels from GoalZero

Never be without juice again: With GoalZero's portable solar panels and rechargeable batteries, you can generate enough green energy during the day on your road trips to charge all your important gadgets. The power stations and solar panels are available in various designs and price ranges.


Igloo cooler

The coolers from Igloo are real classics. The company has been producing the cool storage boxes in Texas since 1947. They come in all sizes, shapes and colours and are now also made from recycled materials. The provisions for the next trip in the van stay nice and cool without external power supply and independent of the outside temperature.


Wash bag from Scrubba

Washing machine to go: The bags from Scrubba are perfect for van life. They roll up tiny and allow you to easily wash clothes anywhere. Simply add water and biodegradable detergent to the dirty laundry in the bag. Then you knead, shake and rinse and in no time at all your laundry is freshly washed.


Sustainable hygiene products from Hydrophil

When you're out and about in the van, it's important to use biodegradable hygiene products, because soap residues inevitably end up in nature. Sustainable cosmetics manufacturer Hydrophil offers great alternatives to conventional care products: Solid soaps for skin and hair, and even sustainable toothbrush tabs so you don't have to worry about brushing your teeth outdoors.


Outdoor shower from Nemo Equipment

The tank of this outdoor shower holds 22 litres, which will be pleasantly warm within an hour as soon as you place it in the sun. A foot pump generates water pressure to comfortably wash your body, equipment or dishes with the hose and shower head.


Water filter from Katadyn

Drinking water anytime, anywhere: With Katadyn's bags and water bottles, you can purify water from any river or lake in no time. The integrated water filters remove 99.9% of contaminants and bacteria, so that you can quench your thirst at any time and the environmentally harmful plastic canisters in the van become superfluous.


Sustainable storage utensils from Klean Kanteen

Reusable packaging not only protects the environment in everyday life, it is also the best way to sustainably pack your travel provisions when it comes to vanlife. The beautiful stainless steel boxes and drinking bottles from Klean Kanteen are particularly durable - and every purchase contributes to reducing the immense amount of waste on earth.


Natural sleeping bag from Grüezi Bags

A sleeping bag made entirely from natural materials: the down and wool filling ensures that you don't get cold feet in the van, even on fresh nights. The natural sleeping bag is super light, has a high insulation performance and remains breathable. It is made in the Alps and is 100% natural from the packaging to the last button.


Hammocks from Ticket to the Moon

A hammock belongs to van life like the mountain to the valley. The ultra-light parachute mats from Ticket to the Moon are particularly practical for the next outdoor adventure: The material can be folded up tiny. So the hammock takes up hardly any space in the van and is always ready to hand when a nice spot presents itself.


Reusable crackling grill

Finally a beautiful, portable reusable barbecue: The Knister is the perfect companion in the van - easy to assemble, super durable and quick to repair if a part should ever break. It is produced in an environmentally friendly way near Munich and is 100 percent recyclable.

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