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LISTICLE | 01/17/2022
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Extended family hikes are not necessarily on children's wish lists, but can still be wonderfully successful. A varied route and a worthwhile destination, and the tour is a success. ISPO.com offers tips for hiking in Schleswig-Holstein.

North Sea, Baltic Sea and hundreds of lakes - the landscape of Schleswig-Holstein is characterized by water. Most of the climbs are easily manageable for hikers of all ages, and you can always let the salty sea breeze blow around your nose. Instead of hard mountain sports, the Wadden Sea and the beach, dunes and circular trails around small and larger lakes await you here. The conditions are ideal for tours with children. It's important to plan time for exploring, digging, and collecting shells and stones - so that hiking becomes a beloved adventure even for the youngest.



Round walk on the Baltic Sea beach near Kiel

The starting point for this eight-kilometer round trip is the Bülker Lighthouse on the outermost tip of the Kiel Fjord. In addition to a gallery, the tower also offers a viewing platform that is open to visitors. In early summer, you can look from here not only over the deep blue sea, but also over the squeaky yellow rape fields.

The beautiful view remains for a long time while hiking, because the path first leads in a westerly direction along the top of the cliff, partly directly at the break-off edge with a view of the Baltic Sea and the beach. Behind a fenced-off area, after about four kilometers, you finally reach a wooden staircase that leads down to the beach. Here the tour continues in the opposite direction, with the children's bags filling up with interesting stones and shells as if by magic. With a little luck, there are also a few chicken gods, thunderbolts or fossilized sea urchins. After about three hours you are back at the lighthouse, refreshed and happy.


guided mudflat hiking tour in Schleswig-Holstein

Barefoot over the just washed over seabed - hiking for children and adults can not be more exciting. The exciting tours are offered in many places, including Langeneß, Grode or Süderogg. Carriage rides are also possible.

The only thing you have to watch out for here is that the children in particular don't get left behind. Since there is something to discover at every step, from crabs and mudflat snails to the many sand piles of lugworms, it is impossible to think of quickly stepping out. "Are we there soon?", no one asks here for sure and for the health the walk at the sea air is an immediately noticeable success.


Hike in Schleswig-Holstein: Lake Grabauer

In Schleswig-Holstein, there are hundreds of small lakes that can be circumnavigated on a hike. Most of them are only a few kilometers on field and forest paths along the shore - well signposted and with one or the other "attraction". A good example is the lake circuit near Grabau, which really deserves the term family-friendly. Here you can not only let little stones sail over the surface of the water, there is also a forest playground, a forest adventure trail and a station for bird watching. All in all, there are just under seven kilometers to cover without any inclines, and you can stop off at the village pub in Grabau for a bite to eat.

If you still have some energy left, you can pay a visit to Grabau Manor House, which is more than 100 years old. The manor is privately owned and cannot be visited inside. With its imposing walls, however, it is considered a real haunted castle - just the thing for children's imaginations.


Hiking in Schleswig-Holstein in the Trappenkamp Adventure Forest

Between Kiel and Bad Segeberg awaits a large forest area that has been specially prepared for family hiking. For the youngest there is the anticipation of play in the forest house or Wichtelwald after an extended hike, somewhat older offspring can conquer the Indian fort for themselves. However, the highlight for all age groups should be the barbecue huts, the butterfly garden, the falconry and the feeding of the wild boar (note times!). Sounds like an amusement park? It is - but thanks to the area of 200 hectares you can also hike properly.


Hiking in Schleswig-Holstein on the island of Föhr

Especially in spring and fall, many people come to Föhr for hiking - for short walks in the fresh sea air as well as for long hiking tours, for example in just under 40 kilometers once around the island. A beautiful route with a view of the Halligen leads along the southern dike from Utersum via Niederblum to Wyk. The approximately 20 kilometers can be completed in one day, but two or three stages are recommended with children. Most of the time they could spend a whole day on the sandy beach of Utersum, while the adults succumb to the charm of the many small galleries and inns in Niblum at the latest.


Falshöft beach round with view of Denmark

Hiking in Schleswig-Holstein does not always have to be limited to the beautiful German landscape. At the Strand Falshöft Runde you have the special opportunity to have a look at the opposite Denmark. The route is moderately difficult and requires a good basic condition. The hiking round is easy to walk and no special skills are required. For the 13.3 kilometers long route you should plan a time span of about 3.5 hours.


Hiking in Schleswig-Holstein: Vierersee Round

The hiking circuit around the Vierersee invites you with breathtaking scenery. Away from the road, cars and other noise, you can enjoy the untouched nature undisturbed. On this approximately 12 kilometer long hiking route a good basic condition is a prerequisite. For the round around the Vierersee you should plan a good three hours. Also good to know: The circular route is easily accessible by public transport.


Mirror ponds round the lake Dieksee

Another hiking highlight in Schleswig-Holstein is the round at the Dieksee. Unique reflections on the lake during the hike are just one reason for this special hike in Schleswig-Holstein. The round is just under twelve kilometers long and is walkable in about three hours. In addition, the route is easily accessible by public transport and offers the option to make a crossing by ferry.


Viking settlement Haithabu

The hike, which leads directly past the Viking settlement of Haithabu, is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. The moderately difficult hike is only about eight kilometers long and takes just over two hours. The paths through Schleswig-Holstein are easy to walk and are wonderful for a hike for young and old.


Hiking on the cliffs of Travemünde

A very special view offers the hike on the steep coast of Travemünde. The hiking trails are easy to walk and can be conquered without special knowledge. For the duration of the hike in Schleswig-Holstein you should plan about three to four hours walking time.

Hiking in Schleswig Holstein: Conclusion

The north of Germany offers some attractive sights for the whole family. If you are thinking about your next hiking vacation and long for variety as well as an attractive offer for children, Schleswig-Holstein should definitely be considered.

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