Hiking: The Mountain Calls!

Hiking is celebrating a comeback. Mountain sports have long since shed their senior image. "Old-fashioned" has been replaced by "stylish" and "boring" by "meditative". In addition to the positive effects on physical health, hiking in the fresh air also has an enriching effect on the psyche - so it's no wonder that the sport is so popular.

The outdoor sport is as multifaceted as its followers, from a leisurely circular walk to a multi-day hiking tour to a glacier climb, everything is possible. There is also plenty on offer for hikers in terms of equipment and technical gadgets. The industry is booming and there is no end in sight.

Time Out from Everyday Stress: Hiking Tours Lasting Several Days

The desire for a break from stressful everyday life draws us all into nature. Taking a short walk in the woods, strolling along a river, or hiking in the mountains can all succeed in creating a little restorative downtime. However, if this is no longer enough to make you feel more grounded and relaxed, only one thing will help: lace up your hiking boots, pack your backpack and head out!

Hiking tours lasting several days bring about a meditative state that allows you to become much more aware of nature and the landscape and recharge your batteries. To hike for several days, you don't have to be a sports freak by any means. Even beginners can hike through nature at a leisurely pace. It is only important to inform yourself in advance about the route, possible places to sleep, necessary equipment and helpful tips and tricks. This way, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing hiking experience and you can fully concentrate on walking.

Unique Hiking Huts

Sleeping in tiny refuges that hardly anyone knows about, or with a view that is one of the most beautiful in the Southern Alps? Or would you prefer ultra-modern, functional and sustainable architecture far above the tree line? We also have the perfect hut for hiking with small children on offer, including a lake and bathing jetty - or accommodation that is breathtakingly small, but still has enough space for a kitchen and catering.

10 Alpine Huts That Are Truly Unique

The Real Outdoor Kitchen: Simple Sandwiches to Make Yourself

As soon as it's the weekend, people only know one direction: out. Into the mountains, to the lakes, for biking or hiking, climbing or paddling. Many even stay outside overnight if the weather is right. No wonder, the city is cramped and stuffy, really free breathing: is not. So pack your backpack in the morning and you're ready to go, right? However, before that there is a big question: What will you eat? There are only ultra-light ready meals or complete camping kitchens? No way! Food expert Sven Christ shows the simple art of real outdoor cooking.

How To: Sandwiches for Hiking

Mountain Sports Are Booming (Again)!

Hiking is more popular than ever before. What was dismissed as a boring hobby a few years ago now enjoys great popularity among all age groups. The popular health-conscious lifestyle and the trend to discover the home environment have significantly changed outdoor sports. Especially in a time of constant accessibility, people's desire for compensation in nature, through which you can switch off and recharge your batteries, is increasing.

Perfectly Equipped for Long Hiking Tours

The birds are starting to sing, the days are getting warmer, the snow is slowly melting off the peaks and everyone wants to get up the mountain. Despite the optimal conditions, however, the hiking pleasure often fails already at the appropriate equipment. Inexperienced hobby sportsmen in particular often go on their hikes with the wrong equipment. Suitable shoes and co are indispensable for a painless and above all safe ascent and descent. In addition, there are some technical gadgets that make every hiking tour an even more exciting experience for sports enthusiasts.

What Hiking Shoes Must Be Able to Do

There are no wrong hiking trails, only unsuitable footwear, you could modify a well-known wisdom. When hiking, the shoes are the most important part of the equipment. Hiking shoes guarantee a steady roll and a secure step. They guarantee safety, well-being and health.

What You Should Look For When Buying Hiking Boots

Hiking with Wearables: These Gadgets Enhance Every Hiking Tour

Thanks to wearables, hiking becomes digital without a full backpack or cell phone in hand. With these outdoor gadgets from brands like Garmin, Black Diamond, or GoPro, not only the vulnerable smartphone, but even the wallet can stay at home. ISPO.com shows which wearables technically enhance every hike.

Upgrade hiking gear with digital gadgets