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Arguments for an E-bike

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E-bikes have shed their pensioner image and are now selling to a wide variety of target groups. The bikes with electric motors are now also available as racing bikes or mountain bikes. lists ten reasons to buy an e-bike.

People who switch from a bicycle without electric drive to an e-bike usually have different reasons than those who swap their car for a pedelec, as bicycles with pedal assistance from a motor are also called. The fact is that the trend toward e-bikes is not abating. We show the ten most important reasons why this is the case.

That’s Why You Should Get an E-bike!

  1. You don't arrive at the office sweaty
  2. An e-bike is the perfect alternative to a car
  3. You can effortlessly conquer any hill, no matter how steep it is
  4. The perfect level for every fitness level
  5. An e-bike increases your range
  6. Battery charging as a cheap alternative to full refueling
  7. Also suitable for people with physical limitations
  8. You can incorporate the e-bike into your fitness training
  9. Your motivation for sports is increased by the e-bike
  10. You can protect the environment with your e-bike



Do Not Arrive at the Office Sweaty

Professionals who cycle to work are a key target group for e-bikes. They leave the car behind for environmental reasons or want to do something for their fitness and health on the more distant way to the office, to the appointment and back home again, without having to shower every time.


The New Second Car Is an E-bike

Environmental protection, cost savings and fitness are also motivating many young couples to opt for an e-bike. In the city in particular, this also eliminates the familiar parking worries. Children in a bicycle trailer or shopping in a basket are hardly a noticeable burden on an e-bike.

Das E-Bike eignet sich auch für den Weg zur Arbeit.
The e-bike is particularly suitable for the commute to work.
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Mountains Are No Longer a Problem

Effort on bike tours is not only an issue for seniors or physically impaired people. For many amateur cyclists, the electric drive enables them to master steep climbs without having to push. This may open up the possibility of completely new tours, for example to higher regions. Once the motor has overcome inclines, headwinds and other resistance, the sporty cyclist can pedal again with their own muscle power.


Cycling with Unequal Partners

The e-bike evens out differences in groups and families and thus enables joint cycling excursions. Even the slowest can now keep up and everyone enjoys the tour more. Most e-bikes even go 25 km/h without the rider having to make an incredible effort. An e-bike can also compensate for different fitness levels when cycling with the family- so everyone has fun!


Increase Range

The e-bike makes it possible to cover distances that would be impossible to cover in the same time on a normal bicycle. This is an important argument for working people and commuters who have to cover longer distances every day. With an e-bike, commutes of up to 20 kilometers are no problem, even in mountainous regions. Conventional batteries last for an average of 50 kilometers and can then be recharged overnight at home using a power outlet.


Save Costs

Compared to a car, riding an e-bike is significantly cheaper, regardless of whether the car is purchased, leased or rented. Gasoline and parking fees are eliminated with the e-bike. Apart from the electricity costs for recharging the battery, there are no maintenance costs. Insurance is only required for the moped-like models up to 45 km/h, which also require a helmet and a driver's license.

E-Bikes können an vielen Stellen Kosten sparen.
E-bikes can save costs in many places.
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Fit despite Limitation

For those who can't, aren't allowed to or don't want to drive a car, the e-bike is an alternative to the conventional bicycle - not only for long or strenuous journeys, but also for more protracted or permanent physical limitations resulting from pregnancy, injury or illness. Even into old age, you can do more for your fitness on an electric bike than in a car or on public transportation. You are moving in the fresh air and cycling actively.


Fitness Training on the E-bike

If you pedal properly yourself, you will also have a considerable training effect with the e-bike. Depending on the physical exertion, the challenging tour with the electric bike very well strengthens the fitness. The sporty use of the e-bike can even replace a trip to the gym and thus save costs and time.


More Sport through E-bike

People who use an e-bike usually even do more sport than with a conventional bike because they ride more often - keyword working people and longer distances. The additional tailwind makes it possible.


Relieve the Environment

In terms of noise, waste and air pollution, the e-bike is significantly less harmful to the environment than a car. The good conscience can be further enhanced by using green electricity to charge the economical battery. Because it's not just e-bikes that are in vogue, but also sustainability and mindfulness.

Conclusion: Ten Reasons for an E-bike

The popularity of e-bikes continues. Just a few years ago, most people thought of e-bikes as a type of sports equipment for the older generation - but appearances are deceptive. The bikes are practical, environmentally friendly and allow people with handicaps to enjoy sports.


Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about e-bikes.

How long does an e-bike battery last?

The batteries can withstand 500 to 1,000 charging cycles, which corresponds to an approximate driving performance of 20,000 - 100,000 kilometers. Depending on the driving time and use, the battery life is therefore several years, tending towards five.

How much does an E Bike cost?

E-bikes cost between €1,500 and €3,000. Among other things, the quality and performance of the battery are what count in terms of price.

What does an e-bike weigh?

Most e-bikes weigh between 20 and 25 kilograms.

How fast does an e-bike go?

Laws stipulate that e-bikes in Europe may not have more than 250 watts of power, which supports a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Who is the market leader in e-bikes?

The top-selling brands in recent years include Cube, Kalkhoff, Prophete and Haibike. Exact figures are not available, but these brands have been among the top 5 for years.

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