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Digitalization expert and Thule CEO Magnus Welander to speak

EOG announces keynote speakers for European Outdoor Summit 2018

The European Outdoor Group has announced the first keynote speakers of the European Outdoor Summit 2018. A digitalization expert and the Thule CEO Magnus Welander provide the framework for discussions about the digital future of the outdoor industry.

EOS 2017 in Treviso
The EOS 2018 in Malmö, Sweden

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has announced the first keynote speakers for the European Outdoor Summit (EOS) 2018 in Malmö on 19 and 20 September under the theme "The Outdoor Industry - A Progressive Business Sector".

Liselotte Engstam, chair at Digoshen and digitalization consultant of the European Commission, will speak on the topic "Leaders in a Digital World". In her presentation, Engstam will shed light on how managers can take the important step into the digital age.

Thule Group CEO speaks at EOS

In addition to Engstam, the European Outdoor Group has won Magnus Welander, CEO of the outdoor transport specialist Thule. In his presentation "From Helping to Bring Stuff to the Trailhead - to Joining the Fun" Welander will trace the transformation of the Thule Group from a pure transport company to a sports and outdoor brand.

A preliminary schedule for the European Outdoor Summit can be viewed here. Tickets for the event are still available until 27 July at a discounted price on the EOS homepage.

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