Get vertical – SALEWA raffles off an ultimate mountain experience

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SALEWA stands for pure alpinism. What about enjoying the mountains during a pretty intensive experience together with the brand’s clients and fans? The story goes like this: What SALEWA stands for, you can best experience where the brand comes from: the mountains. As the company’s basic slogan suggests: made from alpine athletes for alpine athletes. Accordingly, the brand’s new collection shows exactly where the road will lead the Italians: Henceforth SALEWA will even more focus on “mountain athletes” and bring alpine sports to another, more dynamic and intensive level with its highly functional, lightweight and stylish equipment. 

Get Vertical – experience real mountain-feeling while climbing with SALEWA
Get Vertical – experience real mountain-feeling while climbing with SALEWA

The current raffle offers the unique chance to experience SALEWA in ultimate action during a four-day alpine climb- or alpine tour – Equipment inclusive!

Top-class, pure mountain experience

Routed by local mountain guides the tour will lead whether to the “Get Vertical Base Camp” in San Martino di Castrozza (Italy) or to the Alpine-Tour-Camp in Obergurgl (Austria). Four days of action-packed adventures is what is waiting for the raffle’s winners: at a whim, the daily agenda will be climbing, hiking and exploring the area, according to the individual fitness levels. The evenings will be the perfect setting to share the just experienced adventures with all the camp attendees, make venturous plans for the next day and feel real mutuality. Whether in a hotel, on a cozy mountain hut or in a tent under the plain sky: Each daily closing features another highlight for sportive and inspiringly exchange among the participants and the coaches, representing their domestic countryside. The common goal for all camp attendees will be to get back home with new friends, a unique adventure and tons of exciting stories – a real Pure Mountain experience.     

Pures Expeditionsambiente im SALEWA Get Vertical Camp Pure ambiance of expedition at the SALEWA Get Vertical Camp
Pure ambiance of expedition at the SALEWA Get Vertical Camp
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Participate and win – and here’s how:

Visit the website, register and join the raffle. A jury chooses ten winners for each destination. The prize is the participation in a four-day Get-Vertical adventure including appropriate equipment from SALEWA.
According to their skills, experience and personal preference, the Get-Vertical attendees will be invited to one of the mountain locations. During the four-day trip, participants will be accompanied by local guides. You will sleep in a hotel for one night, in a mountain hut and in a tent on a mountain right next to the sky for the last night. If you are not among the happy winners to enter Get Vertical, you still get the chance to win one of SALEWA's products out of the brand-new summer collection 2018. Have a look and take your chance to win one of the selected products.   

Obergurgl Alpine Tour
August 2nd  –  August 5th 2018

San Martino di Castrozza, Alpine Climb
August 30th  – September 09th 2018

The SALEWA Alpine Tour Camp leads to the beautiful summits of Obergurgl
The SALEWA Alpine Tour Camp leads to the beautiful summits of Obergurgl
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Participate and don’t miss your chance to spend four days in the Alps with SALEWA and Bergwelten!  Explore your limits and discover your Pure-Mountain-experience with SALEWA.

Participate now:

raffle runtime:
June 11th – July 15th 2018

Products of the current SALEWA Summer Collection 2018
You can win one of these products of the current SALEWA Summer Collection 2018
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Live your dream: Get vertical!
Whoever is excited by the mountains and their very magical aura is also somehow in search of oneself. To climb a summit means to accept a challenge, to find out your own limits and experience the nature’s elemental force. The peak experience, the exalted feeling of having reached a goal and in the meantime to set new goals, is the invaluable reward of this trip. Conquered mountain summits are highly addictive and stimulate your passion for more and more intensive mountain experiences. Join a real adventure and allow yourself to be taken in by their overwhelming force. Create unforgettable memories, which will be part of your identity for a long time. The crucial question is not about where you are going, but how to get there? And where to go on afterwards? Experience yourself and get to know your exploration-instincts. Get vertical!

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