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Camping classics and vanlife essentials: what Dometic has in store

Dometic has made it its mission to make vanlife and mobile life easier and more comfortable. Speaking to, Rasmus Järvinen, Global Head of Business Development at Dometic, reveals why Dometic is participating in the OutDoor by ISPO is participating, what visitors from the outdoor industry can expect and what he is particularly looking forward to. Read the interview now!

When you hear the word "Vanlife", you immediately think of Dometic.

Dometic has made it its mission to make mobile life - or #Vanlife for short - easier and more comfortable. To this end, the brand is bringing tried-and-tested classics as well as exciting new products to OutDoor by ISPO. In an interview, Rasmus Järvinen, Global Head of Business Development, reveals what else the Scandinavians have to offer and where the journey is headed. Why is Dometic participating in OutDoor by ISPO and why is this important for you?

Rasmus Järvinen: As Dometic has a long tradition in the camping and RV industry, we have extensive knowledge of how to meet the essential needs of the outdoor market. Our focus is on comfort. We have a clear agenda to expand our product range, focusing on effortless and comfortable outdoor living. We want to share our vision and get more people enjoying the outdoors. Even if they don't want to climb mountains or eat camping food. By participating in OutDoor by ISPO, we can spread our message and share our solutions with the industry, because we also have a novelty or two in store.

What will Dometic's involvement be, what will you be contributing onsite, and why shouldn't anyone miss it?

Järvinen: We plan to set up a Dometic Base Camp, which is a complete base camp (defined by new standards) where we can showcase the product solutions that demonstrate outdoor adventures with comfort. Trolleys will also be included in the concept and displayed at various locations throughout the show. In addition, we will organize product presentations, a PR event and a mingle.

So we cordially invite all visitors to let the 13.06. come to an end at the OutDoor Party sponsored by Dometic in the Socializing and Catering Area starting at 6 pm. There will also be a workshop at the Outdoor by ISPO Global Summit where we will show how to bring new customers to the industry. We are looking forward to that. 

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What are the current challenges in the outdoor industry? How has your own company changed as a result? What is your mission and what measures can be derived from it?

Järvinen: One of the challenges we see is that the industry tends to be very technical and focused on hardcore users. However, the vast majority of potential consumers are not interested in technical details, but rather how being outdoors should be spontaneous and effortless. We have revised our product and solution roadmap and mission to reflect this new mindset. Our current focus is to present the industry with a different kind of base camp, where the vehicle is a transportation solution during the week and a recreational vehicle on the weekend.

The new way to travel and discover.

Who would you like to see at OutDoor by ISPO, who do you hope will also attend?

Järvinen:It's always exciting to see innovative solutions and products from both established players and startups. We look forward to seeing brands with adjacent solutions that will move the industry forward and allow even more consumers to enjoy the outdoors in new and exciting ways.

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