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Two personnel changes in the EOG

European Outdoor Group renews CSR team

The European Outdoor Group rebuilds its Corporate Social Responsibility team: Dr. Katy Stevens is promoted. With Dr. Jane Turnbull, a new member with many years of outdoor experience is joining the team.

Dr. Jane Turnbull ist neu im CSR-Team der European Outdoor Group.
Dr. Jane Turnbull is new in the European Outdoor Group.

The European Outdoor Group is changing its team for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. According to the association, Dr. Katy Stevens replaces Dr. Pamela Ravasio as Head of CSR and Sustainability. Ravasio leaves the EOG. Stevens has been working for the EOG since 2016. Dr. Jane Turnbull joins the team as well.

Dr. Turnbull has been involved in the outdoor industry for 15 years, working for brands, retailers and the media. She will be involved in key projects in close cooperation with the executive team.

"Katy has become an integral member of our team and has a deep understanding of what her new role requires, while Jane brings a wealth of relevant experience to the EOG and we are all looking forward to working with her," said EOG General Secretary Mark Held: "Pamela has led our CSR and sustainability department since 2014 and has contributed greatly to the association’s work and recent successes in these areas.  We thank her for all that she has done and wish her all the very best for the future."


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