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Louisa Smith

Taking testing to the extremes

HeiQ and Kjus CEOs put their brands to the test

In the sports and outdoors sector, testing is integral part of the process, from the analyzing of textile ingredients in testing labs and brands conducting numerous fits, samples and wearability to ensure their brands deliver what they say they deliver, an important aspect as transparency grows across the board, driven by the consumer. In today’s competitive world you have to be true to your product’s claims.

Heiq and Kjus Bob Suit at Cristal Da Glatsch

The Swiss textile technology innovator HeiQ and one of the worlds leading premium ski brands, Kjus , created the tailor-made leading-edge bob suits during the first Cristal Da Glatsch bobsled race to support the oldest and only natural bobsleigh track in the world.

Aerodynamic bob suit collaboration

Just as KJUS, HeiQ wants to excel in making textiles perfect and best performing. Skintight and aerodynamic suits are essential for the race to reduce drag on the way into the bob and down the run. The gear combines a high level drag reduction performance with a comfortable fit enabled by a secret HeiQ finishing technology minimizing air resistance and enhanced quick dry properties.

The bob suit design came from Kjus, designed to minimize drag and enhance speed. “Sports, the mountains and the desire to always strive for perfection, are part of who we are. At KJUS, were always working towards the future of ski apparel. Speed is one of the goals we work towards, besides functionalities such as light-weight, breathability and warmth,” said Nico Serena, CEO of Kjus.

ISPO Textrends Benefits Fall/Winter
ISPO Textrends is the guide for the textile industry. Twice a year, ISPO awards prizes for innovative fabrics and components used in the manufacture of sportswear.

Putting your products to the test

Speed is something both Serena and Carlos Centenze, CEO of HeiQ, experienced in trying the bob suit, both putting themselves forward as participants to race downhill at more than 130 km/h alongside experienced Swiss world champions, including  Marcel Rohner and Cla Mosca.

Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ, was inspired by the unique event: “A state of play is critical to innovation. Its no wonder that an event like this led to all sorts of (crazy) ideas in the HeiQ teams heads. If I was going to sit in a bobsled I wanted to do it with gear that really lets me maximize speed.”

The customized ‘limited editiondrag-reduced bob suits proved a success with the experience inspiring Centonze to develop the next ideas. Immediately after the race he was quoted as saying: “It was really cold. We need to add heating technology to this textile.”

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Louisa Smith
Louisa Smith