Urban, hip und voll im Trend: Gemeinsam mit Freunden in der Halle Klettern und Bouldern
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Digital Sports Communities That Help You Get Ahead

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Train smarter, not harder: In sports communities, you benefit from training tips, shared motivation, fun challenges, and exclusive insider tips from others. And it's even more fun together. We present communities that bring you unique added value.


ISPO Collaborators Club: Discovering Sports Innovations Together

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You want to test the most innovative sports products yourself, often long before they go on sale? At the ISPO Collaborators Club, you can meet your favorite brands from the sports and lifestyle sectors. Here you can participate in projects of your choice, try out the latest sports and outdoor articles, and help shape the future of your sport with your feedback directly to the manufacturers. The best thing about it is that you usually get to keep your test copies afterwards. In addition, members have exclusive access to community events and receive exciting special deals and discounts. With around 35,000 active members, the ISPO Collaborators Club is the mouthpiece of an entire community. Becoming a member is completely free of charge.

Join the ISPO Collaborators Club! Test new, innovative products, take part in exclusive events from top brands and exciting startups, and connect with other sports enthusiasts. The companies are looking forward to working with you!

My Virtual Mission: Challenged You!

Who will be first in New York, Tokyo or on Kilimanjaro? At least virtually, you can compete against anyone in this race around the world. With My Virtual Mission, you create your own destination - and then go on your mission. Every walk, jog or bike ride brings you a little closer to your goal. And at the same time, you can see how far other community members or friends are already on their trip to the goal. And with the integrated fundraising platform, you can even turn your mission into your own fundraising event - perfect for clubs or team-building activities.

With the "Conqueror Challenges" series, there are also other community offerings - such as the Lord of the Rings Virtual Challenge, in which you set out step by step with Frodo on the path to Mordor. "One does not simply walk into Mordor"? Boromir was probably wrong after all ...


Beat81: Community with Heart

Often, training progress is difficult to compare. For professionals, measuring times, weights lifted or distances with casual athletes is hardly useful. For beginners, the fabulous values of the sports stars are often one thing above all: frustrating motivation killers. Beat81 therefore pursues a different approach to individual training progress, which also makes unequal training partners comparable: the heart rate. The goal of every workout is to stay above 81 percent of the individual's maximum heart rate for at least 15 minutes, because according to Beat81, that's when the body burns calories and fat most effectively. With the Beat81 wristband available for members, you always have your heart rate in view, collect points per minute and can thus measure yourself against like-minded people. In addition to HIIT courses, Beat81 also offers other training programs for muscle building, body shaping or fat burning.


Outdooractive: Dating in Private Groups

You can find all outdoor activities under one roof at Outdooractive. From jogging to demanding mountain tours, there are numerous challenges here that you can take on with thousands of like-minded people. You prefer it local and less anonymous? Then arrange to meet in private groups for a joint outdoor adventure. In addition, maps, tour searches and planners as well as travel guide functions lead you to the most beautiful spots from the ice desert to the rain forest. During your outdoor adventures, you'll also get information about the current conditions.


Freeletics: Tips from 30 Million Like-minded People

From 0 to over 30 million in less than ten years. The fitness app Freeletics has had an impressive triumph as a fitness community. What started as a YouTube video and PDF guide has now become a huge platform for tracking, training, and nutrition advice. You can interact with coaches, ambassadors, and athletes in the Freeletics forum and get tips. And: You can connect with other members via the app and track your training progress together. The latest Freeletics highlight is called STÆDIUM. This is AI-supported weight training, of course with a community feature: Here you can compete with others in multiplayer competitions.


Strava: find training partners around the world

Strava is one of the most used tracking and community apps in the sports world. No wonder: The range of activities and features offered is huge. Since 2022, Strava has also offered tips and rehab training programs, as well as exercises to prevent injuries. In addition to usual community features like sharing, tracking, and commenting on activities, the location sharing feature is especially useful. It lets you share your location and activity with Strava members and invite them to join in.


Komoot: Community Tours for Every Taste

Since its launch in 2010,Komoot has become one of the largest networks for outdoor activities with over 20 million users. Whether it's a mountain tour, a hike, or an adventure on a gravel bike or MTB enduro - Komoot has the right community tour for almost all outdoor needs. Via smartphone, you can easily plan, download or live navigate these tours in advance or on the go. In addition, there are valuable tips and feedback from the huge community, and of course every user can also post secret tour tips in the app for everyone else. Komoot also offers offline maps of the most important outdoor regions - the first map is free for everyone.