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For Better Performance and Faster Muscle Recovery

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Sebastian Ring
Sebastian Ring

STOX Energy Socks originally developed its advanced compression technology for the medical sector. For several years, the company has also been offering compression stockings and socks to improve athletic performance when running, hiking, and skiing, or for everyday life. The successful brand is now stepping up its activities in the German and Austrian markets.

From medicine to sport: STOX Energy Socks is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of compression socks. In Germany and Austria, the products of the Dutch supplier were previously only available in its e-commerce store. From 2024, the innovative compression stockings and socks will also be available in more and more retail stores in these countries.

Founded in 2015 and based in Amsterdam, the company has its origins in the medical sector. STOX has also quickly developed into a successful performance brand in the sports segment. In addition to compression socks and stockings for medical applications, STOX also offers gear to improve physical performance when running, hiking, and skiing, or for everyday life. Recovery and travel socks are also part of the product portfolio.

Developed in collaboration with vascular surgeons

STOX Energy Sox was founded by Casper Disselhoff, the son of a renowned Dutch vascular surgeon. Based on his family history, the company initially focused on manufacturing high-quality medical compression products, which it developed in collaboration with several vascular surgeons. The products, certified with compression class 2 (for medium to strong support), are scientifically proven effective against thrombosis, swollen feet, oedema, and varicose veins. As STOX acquired extensive know-how in the medical field, it soon became clear that compression also has many benefits for athletes. Therefore, the company now also uses its tried-and-tested technology when manufacturing its sport-specific and everyday compression socks and stockings.

Accordingly, STOX has its headquarters in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. “This suits the sportive vibe of our brand well,” says Stijn Nuijten, the company’s CEO. “Also, it’s great when our ambassadors visit our office because it holds a lot of significance to them as well.” Nuijten has a clear definition of what sets STOX apart from the competition: “The comfort level due to the premium materials we use and the anatomical fit of our socks. Plus, they simply look good!”

The ski socks made from thermoregulating merino wool are breathable and antibacterial.

Increased endurance, muscle support and faster regeneration

The socks and stockings by STOX owe these benefits to the graduated compression technology of compression class 2. “It is scientifically proven to increase endurance and support the muscles in faster regeneration,” explains Nuijten. The technology stimulates blood circulation between the lower legs and the heart. The compression of the stockings provides intensive support at the ankles and gradually decreases towards the thighs. This promotes blood flow in the legs and counteracts possible blood congestion. Arteries that transport oxygen-rich blood to the muscles relax, improving circulation. The veins also receive a boost, pumping deoxygenated blood back to the heart and lymphatic system, which promotes muscle regeneration. The result: more energy, longer endurance, fewer cramps, less muscle strain, faster regeneration, and warm feet.

Focus on three kinds of sports

STOX Energy Socks has focused on three sports in particular: running, hiking, and skiing. For each of them, the products have different advantages: “They increase performance when running, and prevent blisters and support the legs on any terrain when hiking,” reports Stijn Nuijten. “And skiers appreciate their reliable warmth.” Thanks to the seamless design, the comfortable padding, and the temperature-regulating merino wool, the compression socks offer maximum comfort even on cold days so that you can enjoy your day of skiing well into the late afternoon.

STOX attaches great importance to quality, sustainability, and short transportation routes during manufacturing. “That’s why we manufacture our socks in Italy with fibers made from the best mulesing-free merino wool,” emphasizes Nuijten. STOX products are circular knitted using special machines approved for manufacturing medical products. This guarantees the effectiveness of the compression. The merino wool is enriched with materials such as Dryarn and polyamide to ensure durability and function. “We believe in high European environmental standards as well as corporate and social responsibility,” says Nuijten. The company follows strict production guidelines for contract manufacturing and thus avoids overproduction and unnecessary waste. STOX also uses environmentally friendly packaging with paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The hiking compression socks are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Thanks to its sound scientific roots and the successful transfer of technology to the sports sector, Stijn Nuijten believes his company is well-positioned for the future. “We have set the course,” says the STOX CEO. “Now we want to get even more consumers in Germany and Austria excited about our products.”

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Sebastian Ring
Sebastian Ring
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