Product reviews/11/20/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Lunchbox Set by Patron Plasticfree Peaks

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Multifunctional Lunch Solution: The Patron Lunchbox Set – a fusion of sustainability, functionality, and social impact. Clever design, practical details: a contemporary and stylish form of lunchbox.

The lunchbox set from Patron Plasticfree Peaks convinced the ISPO Award jury.

High quality design

Originating in Europe, the Patron Lunchbox Set is not just any lunchbox. Its design is multi-functional, comprised of stainless steel, an integrated cutting board, and a magnet-secured knife. Such features cater to those who spend time outdoors, be it camping, hiking, or even bikepacking. Yet, its versatility extends to more urban environments, making it just as suitable for office settings. One notable aspect of its design is the patented locking system. This innovative feature allows the cutting board to be stably affixed to the thigh, thus facilitating a safer and more efficient cutting experience. Moreover, the choice of different woods for the cutting board grants users a touch of personalization.

Its components are sourced from different European countries – the box is from Italy, the wood is from Germany, the knife is from France, and the locking system is also from Germany. Such a regional approach ensures quality and minimizes the environmental impact by reducing transportation distance and consequent carbon emissions. 

The start-up sees the award win as confirmation of its efforts to bring an all-round sustainable product onto the market. "At the outset, the idea of a self-designed and regionally produced lunchbox emerged. Subsequently, akin to a 'garage startup,' there was extensive tinkering, research, and planning to bring the Patron Lunchbox Set to market as it stands today. We are thrilled to be recipients of the Ispo Award as a young company. This achievement underscores that our pursuit of developing Purpose Products is on the right track", says Christian Böhm, one of the Patron Plasticfree Peaks founders. "The award serves as another crucial milestone on our journey toward becoming an established sustainable player in the outdoor industry."

The closure of the lunch box set is patented.
Image credit:
Patron Plasticfree Peaks

Social responsibility

The Patron Lunchbox Set caters to those who cherish time in nature and seek to enjoy and share their food without packaging, whether it be during camping, hiking, hunting, bikepacking, or even in the office. It stands out as a high-quality, regionally produced product featuring an appealing, minimalist design, coupled with versatile applications and functions. "In addition, by choosing the Patron Lunchbox Set, you are not only acquiring a product but also endorsing a message and becoming part of a movement", says Böhm. "Furthermore, your purchase supports our NGO, Patron e.V., which orchestrates large-scale CleanUP events. Thus, it's not just about a product; it's about a meaningful connection and contributing to a cause."

The chopping board is available in different wood versions.
Image credit:
Patron Plasticfree Peaks

Taking sustainability further

All in all the Patron Lunchbox Set demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility. As mentioned: Collaborating with Lebenshilfe Donau Ries, a social institution, the assembly of this product supports community endeavors. Furthermore, by backing its NGO, Patron e.V., which is vested in organizing CleanUP events, the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability is reaffirmed. "Everything started off by realizing how much trash is in our environment. But we didn’t want to blame anyone for doing it, instead, we wanted to create a solution to avoid taking out the trash to nature", describes Böhm the basic idea. "As lots of waste is food packing, we created the Lunchbox Set, which should motivate people to take out their fresh, regional food without packaging. As food tastes the best when it’s freshly cut, we decided to add a cutting board and knife & create a lock system to fix the cutting board on the thigh." In sum, the Patron Lunchbox Set is a confluence of practicality, sustainability, and European craftsmanship. For those seeking an authentic and purposeful product, it stands out as a genuine contender.

The lunchbox set makes a good impression in any outdoor situation.
Image credit:
Patron Plasticfree Peaks

What the ISPO Award jury says:

"A lunchbox that encompasses all aspects of modern, sustainable production. Sourcing, manufacturing, and social considerations are intricately intertwined in this product. The result: a high-quality, outdoor-ready product with an emotional appeal."

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Multifunctional
  • Recycable
  • Integrated knife and cutting board
  • Patented dual closure for fixation to the thigh

Product Specifications:

  • Available: is on market
  • RRP: € 84.00
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