A clever bike-pulling system for the whole family

Winner ISPO Award 2022: kommit® bicycle towing system

kommit® is a clever bike-towing solution when someone lacks the power to paddle uphill.

Imagine to ride your favorite trails with your kids and to have a great time. “This was why we developed the kommit® towing system”, says Frank Hofmann (CEO, Head of P&D): “Our vision was an intuitive and easy to use product to tow your kids uphill so that they can safe their power for the fun part going downhill. Now finally dads and moms can live and share their passion with their kids to ride together.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2022: The kommit® bicycle-towing system.

Intuitive, compact design

The advantage of the system is its light and compact design with only 138g. It hides almost invisibly underneath the saddle but is there when you need it. You just hook in the leash on the stem of your kids or buddies’ bike and support them uphill. Once you reached the top, the leash can easily be hooked off and released. It automatically retracts back into the casing, no need to stop for packing or stowing it and this is a huge advantage as it leaves more time for the important thing, biking.

High-quality workmanship and compatible with any bike

To allow a long life of functionality and endless riding fun together the kommit® is made of high-quality materials to withstand dirt and rain. The functionality and design were a key priority. So, it integrates perfectly underneath the saddle and does not disturb the bike aesthetics nor the ride. The attachment is simple and “bullet-proof”. It is super easy to mount tool-free and can also be exchanged between bikes within seconds. The bright orange leash is well visible and the reflective sticker at the back of the housing is just one other small detail that gives the right visibility for your safety.

The kommit® towing system is compatible with every bike and offers plenty ways to use it: in the mix of E-MTB / MTB / kids bike, for rescue in case of technical defect or just to pull your kids to the next ice cream parlour.

The kommit® bike towing system was launched in December 2020.

The kommit® bike-pulling system helps kids keep up on the mountain.

That convinced the jury:

  • Light & small
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • High-quality materials 
Statement kommit®:
"We from the entire kommit® team are more than thrilled to hold the highly prestigious ISPO Award for our kommit® towing system. It shows once again that you can realize your dreams together and also inspire many people with this effective problem solver." Andy Rieger, Kommunikation kommit®
What the jury said:
"Kommit is a clever solution for all parents who want to go on a bike tour with their children. No problem if the power fails or the slope is too steep. Once attached to the saddle, the tow rope can simply be hooked onto the handlebars and the fun continues. An automatic pulley ensures that the tow rope is always neatly stowed away." ISPO Award Jury
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