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ISPO Award Winner 2022: KASK Omega Ski Helmet

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For all downhill, giant slalom, and super-G athletes there’s just one keyword: speed. But right alongside comes safety, which is essential when flying down icy slopes at speeds touching 150 km/h. This combination of maximizing speed whilst guaranteeing the utmost protection was at the heart of the development process that led KASK to design the Omega, a high-performance helmet for racers competing in high-speed alpine skiing competitions.

The Omega is a first: The new ski helmet by KASK offers improved aerodynamics and protection for rapid downhill descents.

Omega is KASK's latest ski helmet and first racing helmet - made entirely in Italy. What started as a project to develop a world cup helmet for speed disciplines resulted in a helmet at the intersection of excellence and performance - which also convinced the ISPO Award jury. The Omega combines KASK's proven success in the world of cycling with input and analysis from world cup skiers. Wind tunnel testing confirmed the Omega is among the best in its class. And comes with a perfect fit and a tailor-made feel when wearing it.

KASK Omega combines the experience from cycling with advanced testing

From road cycling to triathlons, from horse riding to downhill skiing, this Italian company's products are well known to set the benchmark for the sports helmet sector. It is because they all follow the same approach: applying technological research to the individual specifics of the respective sporting discipline.

KASK Omega has been made for giant slalom, super-G and downhill athletes
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When KASK’s technicians set about designing a new aerodynamic helmet for high-speed skiing, they drew on the experience developed in cycling. Particularly, the fact that helmets have to seamlessly integrate with the athlete’s shape to come out on top in time trials are the same for cyclists and skiers alike. In order to cut through the air as aerodynamically as possible, the brand could take all their learnings from years of experience in cycling to the development of the KASK Omega. Years of laboratory tests at Scandinavian universities and hundreds of scans of the athletes' racing posture when at top speed then led to the development of a range of mathematical models. These models guided the process of honing in on the perfect helmet shape, still with the big goal of minimizing aerodynamic drag as much as possible: it’s from this research and development process that the new Omega, a helmet aerodynamically outperforming all other racing helmets in its class, was created.

The KASK Omega has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the shape of the skier in downhill position.
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KASK Omega - A high-speed helmet

So minimizing drag was key to developing the Omega. But there is more to this alpine racing helmet. It also includes an integrated ski goggle hook, a synthetic leather chin strap and is FIS-certified.

Also, the KASK Omega family consists of different members. The helmet comes in a carbon black version designed especially for elite athletes. This Omega carbon version takes advantage of carbon fiber’s extraordinary properties to result in an ultra-lightweight helmet, weighing 600 g only in a Size M.


The KASK Omega Carbon black version
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The Omega family further includes three thermoplastic color variants: White, Yellow Fluo and Blue, all offering the same aerodynamic and safety features, but with a small difference in weight (the size M weighs 660 grams). Thanks to highly advanced software, insights from CFD simulation but also professional ski racers testing the product in the wind tunnel, KASK was able to optimize the Omega to maximize marginal gains.

In summary, Omega features both improved aerodynamics and less weight to gain these milliseconds that could decide over a podium finish in alpine ski racing and won KASK an ISPO Award 2022. The Omega family of products will be available to buy from winter 2022/23 in five different sizes, with a recommended retail price of € 800.00 for the carbon version and € 350.00 for the thermoplastic version.


The KASK Omega in Yellow Fluo
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Here’s what the ISPO Award jury has to say about the KASK Omega:

”This helmet has all the performance embedded a sportsman can ask for. Every detail has been taken very seriously by KASK: lightness, wearability, comfort and safety. In addition, style and appearance make this helmet aggressive and compelling.. ready to race!“ ISPO Award Jury

Reasons why the KASK Omega convinced the jury:

  • Lightweight yet safe
  • Perfect fit and tailor made feel for a race helmet
  • Optimized shape for minimizing aerodynamic drag
  • Aerodynamic thanks to sophisticated testing wind tunnel testing
  • Complies with all FIS World Cup safety certifications

Product informations:

  • Two versions: one in carbon fibre and one in thermoplastic
  • Integrated ski google hook & synthetic leather chin strap
  • Weight: Omega Carbon: 600 g (Size M) - Omega: 660 g (Size M)
  • Sizes: XS - S - M - L – XL
  • Omega Carbon: carbon black - Omega: white, yellow fluo, blue
  • RRP: Omega Carbon: €800  - Omega: €350
  • Available: October 2022
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