Product reviews/11/17/2023

That’s All You Need: This Mono-Material Jacket Is Stylish, Versatile and Sustainable

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With this jacket, Halti from Finland proves that functionality, urban look, and sustainability are compatible. The special versatility of the 3in1 jacket is a response to our modern life, where things can change quickly.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Synkas 3in1 DrymaxX Parka Jacket by Halti.

Anyone who is familiar with highly functional jackets from sports would like to have the same comfort in everyday life - but with a different design. The Synkas 3in1 DrymaxX Parka by Halti is an excellent example of how well these different areas can be combined. The 3-in-1 solution offers a lot of flexibility and adaptability, making the jacket a very versatile all-rounder.

3in1: Weather Protection on the Outside, Warmth on the Inside

The Synkas 3in1 DrymaxX Parka consists of a waterproof and windproof outer jacket and an insulated inner jacket. The outer jacket is equipped with technical features and offers weather protection. The insulated inner jacket has a stylish, geometric quilting. Worn on its own, it is ideal for dry and cool days. Together, the jackets form an unbeatable combination to withstand windy, wet, and cold conditions.

The jacket is part of Halti's Kallio® collection, a line that highlights Finnish and Scandinavian design with clean aesthetics and Nordic simplicity. With minimal use of embellishments and extra details, this style can be easily combined with many other outfits. This makes it long lasting.

The jacket is designed as a mono-material and is made of polyester only.
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Mono-Material Jacket

A special highlight of this jacket is the choice of materials. Halti uses mono-material, which means that all materials are made of polyester, including the snap buttons and the zipper. For example, the outer material of the jacket is made of 55 percent polyester and 45 percent recycled polyester. The inner jacket is made from a blend of 60 percent polyester and 40 percent recycled polyester. The insulation is made entirely of recycled polyester, as is the lining fabric. The use of mono-material makes it easier to recycle the jacket at the end of its life. The jacket's water-repellent finish (DWR) is fluorocarbon-free.

The jacket comes with care and washing instructions attached to the product. In addition, this fall Halti launched Halti 2nd Round - an umbrella for second-life services, including repair service, second-hand options and a donation option for customers in the domestic market.

Thanks to the 3-in-1 solution, the parka is versatile.
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This Convinced the Jury:

  • Stylish, functional look
  • Mono-material for better recyclability
  • High proportion of recycled fibres
  • 3-in-1 solution for more flexibility

Statement from Halti:

"We have been enthusiastic about the Halti Kallio® collection from the beginning. It has been a success, representing our expertise at its best: urban-use products with an outdoor twist. And now, for the second time in a row, we have received an ISPO award for this collection. We appreciate this award, and it reinforces the notion that we are on the right path—or street. I would also like to thank our entire team for creating a successful collection."
Aki Kuusilehto, CEO of Halti

This Is What the Jury Says:

"Here, Scandinavian design, high functionality and sustainability come together to create a product that convinces in many respects. The 3-in-1 solution guaranties flexibility, and the clean look promises a long service life."
Jury ISPO Award
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