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ISPO Award Winner 2024: Doxa Sport urine collector and app

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Doxa Sport urine testers analyze 14 biomarkers in 60 seconds with 98% accuracy. In combination with an app, the collected data, diagnoses and recommendations are easily accessible.

The Doxa Sport Urine Testers and the connected myDoxa app offer an innovative approach to monitoring fitness and recovery, making scientific data accessible to a wider audience. They are designed to provide athletes and competition enthusiasts with a comprehensive analysis of their fitness and recovery progress.

Integration of urinalysis into training routines

Urine analysis is challenging due to contamination risks and the expertise required for accurate interpretation. Doxa Sport's patented urine collection bag simplifies the collection process, while the mobile app enables convenient at-home analysis and provides quick interpretations and recommendations.

Especially for athletes, even at the beginning of performance-oriented training, urine analysis is a valuable, often overlooked tool for improving performance. By monitoring hydration levels, nutritional insights and potential health issues, athletes can optimize their training, nutrition and recovery strategies. Doxa Sport's innovative solution makes it easier for athletes to integrate urine analysis into their routine. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Doxa Sport urine collectors provide valuable insights into performance and recovery levels. By analysing biomarkers such as creatinine, glucose and red blood cells, the training program can be fine-tuned and recovery strategies optimized.

Simple analysis at home via app

The myDoxa app provides users with personalized insights derived from the analysis of 14 biomarkers in just 60 seconds with 98% accuracy. These biomarkers cover a wide range of indicators, including muscle potential, hydration status and sugar levels, and provide a comprehensive overview of physical well-being. The technology not only improves convenient accessibility, but also shortens the time between diagnosis and action, allowing users to take proactive steps towards a better self. The testing process is intuitive and fairly simple. After filling the collection bag, the smartphone camera acts as a scanner to transmit the data to the app.

The MyDoxa app enables easy access to data and resulting recommendations
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Doxa Sport

However, the vision of making health data accessible to a wider audience goes beyond the sporting arena. Swiss Safe Collect, the company behind Doxa Sport, is committed to making cutting-edge technology accessible to individuals who want to improve various aspects of their daily lives, including overall wellbeing and mental balance. Future versions of the app will include wellness tips and nutritional recommendations for even broader health-conscious audiences.

What the jury says about the Doxa Sport urine collector and app:

"With more and more people striving for personal bests and wanting to learn more about their own bodies in the process, Doxa Sport is an exciting solution. The digital integration and excellent ease of use make the product an accessible way to monitor health data during training and recovery."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Doxa Sport urine bag and app convinced the jury:

  • Urine collector in combination with an app for easy analysis
  • Analyzes 14 biomarkers with 98% accuracy
  • Mobile laboratory that eliminates delays
  • Provides personalized nutrition tips
  • Users can compare their results with similar athletes via AI

Product specifications:

  • Biomarker check:

- Albumin/creatinine ratio: Muscle potential

- Creatinine: Muscle activity

- Bilirubin: Muscle intensity

- Nitrites: muscle performance

- Glucose: sugar level

- pH: balance

- Proteins: recovery level/status

- Urobilinogen: Muscle shock status

- Red blood cells: Recovery potential

- Vitamin C: recovery enhancement level

- Leukocytes: self-healing potential

- Calcium: structural/muscle status

- Specific gravity: hydration level

- Albumin: muscle breakdown status

- Ketones: fat utilization during training

  • RRP: €13 (€149 for 12 collectors)
  • Available: July 2024
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