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Dr. Regina Henkel

ISPO Award Winner 2023: The One-piece Down Jacket Qomolangma III from Bosideng

Made for icy heights: The Qomolangma III down suit from Bosideng

If you want to venture into inhospitable climatic regions while mountaineering, you have to rely on first-class, highly functional material - especially when it comes to clothing. With its Qomolangma III down suit, Bosideng has succeeded in saving weight and volume without compromising on robustness and heat retention. The issue of sustainability has not been ignored either.

Winner of tThe ISPO Award 2023: The Qomolangma III down one-piece suit from Bosideng

One of the lightest one-piece suits on the market

In high-altitude mountaineering, every gram counts when muscle strength also decreases at icy altitudes as oxygen levels drop. That's why Bosideng paid special attention to improved weight with high functionality when developing the Qomolangma III one-piece. At just 1575 grams, the one-piece is about 20 percent lighter and slimmer than comparable products on the market, but still offers excellent thermal management. 

This was made possible primarily by the extensive use of 20D recycled Cordura for the outer layer and 7D 100% polyamide for the lining. No compromises were made in terms of windproofness, water repellency and durability.

The One-piece Down Jacket Qomolangma III from Bosideng is lighter than comparable products on the market

New chamber structure and reflection of far infrared rays

Bosideng has implemented innovative solutions in the construction of the one-piece garment. For example, the long-standing specialist in the production of down jackets has designed the down chambers in a novel, uneven structure. Particular attention was paid to the knees and hips to prevent cooling due to cold wind and contact.

The design allows for a smaller pack size: the extra space between the boxes reduces the compression volume of the down suit by 20 percent, making it easier to wear and pack for climbers. 

In addition, the material has been equipped with Schoeller energear technology. energear consists of a titanium-mineral matrix. Textiles that are equipped or printed with energear return far-infrared rays to the body. The energy thus gained can have a positive effect on the body and provides additional warmth, even during sleep. Nevertheless, the breathability of the material is maintained.

Thus equipped, the down suit is perfect for high-altitude mountaineers, polar adventurers and explorers.

Sustainability: recycled materials and responsible down

And how does Bosideng take into account the issue of sustainability, which of course must not be neglected in products for extreme applications? Here, Bosideng relies on down that is certified with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). In addition, recycled Cordura and bluesign-certified lining were used. A repair kit is also part of the product scope: here, fabric scraps were turned into patches to extend the life cycle of the product.

This convinced the jury:

  • Particularly lightweight and slim volume
  • Innovative chamber structure
  • Reflection of far-infrared rays for more energy
  • Recycled outer fabric and RDS-certified down
The material has been equipped with Schoeller energear technology
Statement from Bosideng:
"Just like the challenge of climbing Mount Everest, our team is constantly seeking breakthroughs. I am thrilled that we have accomplished this challenge by creating an ultra-lightweight, all-in-one mountaineering down suit specifically designed for high-altitude climbers. It provides reliable warmth and protection, while also reducing the weight burden."
Chenhong Li, Global Innovation Institute Director, Bosideng
What the judges said:
"Few brands develop highly functional down one-piece suits for extreme mountaineering because the target group is extremely small. Bosideng has proven and shown its excellent know-how in down processing with innovative materials and new construction solutions."
Jury ISPO Award
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Dr. Regina Henkel
Dr. Regina Henkel
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