Product reviews/07/26/2023

Multifunctional for Urban and Light Outdoor Activities: The Lightweight 2 Pieces Down Jacket by Bosideng

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The two-piece down jacket by Bosideng combines the best of different worlds: Fashion and function, city and outdoor. The jacket consists of two layers that are perfectly matched and can be worn together or separately. The target audience is the city’s leisure outdoor consumers who are looking for a balance between fashion and function.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Lightweight 2 Pieces Down Jacket by Bosideng

Especially since the pandemic, the general interest in outdoor activities has increased worldwide - and with it the group of people who want to equip themselves for leisure outdoor activities has become broader. This has an impact on the look, as not everyone can identify with the typical style of outdoor collections. With the Lightweight 2Pieces Down Jacket, Bosideng has developed a versatile product that wants to appeal to this new target group.

Lightweight with placed down fillings

The jacket consists of two fully-fledged single jackets. The outer shell jacket is made of 100 percent recycled Windstopper material from Gore-Tex Labs, whose windproof and water-repellent properties provide good weather protection. This material allows for high breathability, too. For more warmth, this layer has also been equipped with Bosideng's "down-mapping" technology, whereby lightweight down fillings are modularly targeted to the areas of the body that need more insulation. The backing of the outer jacket is made of 100 percent merino wool, into which individual down modules have been embedded. Merino wool can absorb moisture quickly to keep the body cool and dry during moderate to high intensity activities. This allows for material and weight savings while providing the right amount of warmth.

The Lightweight 2 Pieces Down Jacket by Bosideng combines style, function and true craftsmanship.
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Sophisticated heat and moisture management system

The inner layer consists of a lightweight down jacket with elastic side panels that keep you comfortable and reduce bulk. For even more breathability and improved temperature regulation, laser ventilation holes have been incorporated on the underarms of the inner and outer layers, as well as on the back shoulder area. 

Worn together or separately, the two jackets cover a wide range of uses and are the perfect gear for changeable weather and travel. The jacket is available for men and women.

The outer layer's shell is made of 100 percent recycled Windstopper material from Gore-Tex Labs
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Sustainability: responsible down and recycled materials

The jacket is made of 100 percent recycled Windstopper fabric from Gore-Tex Labs, certified by bluesign. In addition, the down comes from farms certified with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

This convinced the jury:

  • Use of Gore-Tex Labs 100% recycled Windstopper material, RDS down

  • Windproof, water-repellent and particularly breathable

  • Down-mapping technology for precise insulation and low weight

  • Temperature and moisture management for high wearing comfort

  • Fusion of fashion and function that is versatile in use

The Lightweight 2 Pieces Down Jacket from Bosideng is great for outdoor adventures
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Statement from Bosideng:

"The boundaries between urban and outdoor lifestyles are rapidly converging, and Bosideng is dedicated to exploring the balance between urban fashion and moderate functionality. This lightweight two-piece down jacket allows consumers to engage in leisure outdoor activities anytime, anywhere, without any concerns, and effortlessly transition to urban commuting. Our ongoing commitment is to make the consumption experience burden-free through the use of 100% recyclable materials."
Chenhong Li, Global Innovation Institute Director, Bosideng

What the jury said:

"The idea and execution of the two-piece jacket are absolutely convincing. Embedding the down padding into the merino lining looks super technical and creates absolute comfort. Both jackets together make for great versatility."
ISPO Award Jury
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