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A highly functional 3-in-1 double jacket for optimal performance

Maximum durability, warmth and temperature regulation - Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen uses innovative materials and responsible technologies in this highly functional double jacket, keeping the jacket's ecological footprint small. In doing so, the combination of two jackets brings together all the features for optimal performance on the slopes or in the city.

Double jacket with many functions: The Helly Hansen Graphene Infinity 3-in-1 Jacket.

For over 140 years, Norwegian manufacturer Helly Hansen has been constantly bringing new professional equipment to the market for the mountains, the sea and the city. The brand was originally born in 1877 out of a concern to protect seafarers from wetness and harsh weather conditions on the ocean. Since then, the company has continued to develop waterproof and breathable technologies and constantly set new standards.

According to Helly Hansen, Lifa Infinity Pro technology, launched in 2020, is the most innovative and responsible development of a waterproof material that meets the environmental requirements of the outdoor clothing industry. The special membrane is manufactured without the use of chemicals or solvents and it is completely PFC-free. Produced using Lifa Infinity Pro technology, the Graphene Infinity 3-in-1 has more functional features besides waterproofing, making it a highly professional responsible jacket for outdoor sports.

Lifetime waterproof without chemical impregnation

Usually, water-repellent jackets need to be impregnated from time to time. This is not necessary with the Graphene Infinity shell jacket, because the Lifa Infinity membrane, combined with 100% Lifa face fabric makes it permanently water-repellent. In other words, the outer jacket never needs to be chemically impregnated again during its life. This makes the outer jacket waterproof while also being breathable.

The inside of the outer jacket is insulated with a Graphene lining to give warmth. The special lining helps regulate body temperature and can conduct heat to colder parts of the body. In addition, it is odour-neutralising and has antibacterial properties. The shell jacket achieves high durability thanks to the special fabric of the outer and inner sides and the Graphene lining, which promises maximum longevity.

Other features of the Helly Hansen Graphene Infinity 3-in-1 Jacket

The outer jacket has a few more features. It has several pockets through which air can also circulate. A new hood from Helly Hansen adds comfort with roominess and a stiffened peak for shape retention. Because when mountaineering, skiing or cycling, the cell phone can quickly fall out of the pocket, the outer jacket has a Life Pocket+. This is equipped with a cell phone clip and a strap that attach the phone to the jacket. In addition, the jacket has Recco reflectors, which makes one detectable during organized rescues. These work without power and activation.

Optimal thermal regulation thanks to an insulated inner jacket

The inner jacket is made from a combination of several insulating materials that give the Graphene Infinity 3-in-1 jacket even more warmth. This includes Prima Loft Thermoplume Cross Core, which is a blend of small silky feathers combined with aerogel technology originally developed by NASA scientists. The lining can be compressed very small and is characterized by long durability. Another warming material of the inner jacket is Allied down, which is RDS-certified.

The mixture of the innovative insulation material and down gives the inner jacket good thermal insulation. At the same time, it remains breathable and allows temperature regulation. The inner jacket is specially designed as an inner layer jacket. It has elastic cuffs and no hood. On the one hand to be comfortable, on the other hand, to reduce the volume of the jacket.

Innovation, performance and sustainability

The Graphene Infinity 3-in-1 double jacket covers all three features that a highly functional outdoor jacket needs - waterproof, breathable, and warm. The price is relatively high, at 1300 euros. However, the high-quality materials also promise a long life for the 3-in-1 jacket.

Brand statement:
"We are proud to be an ISPO Award nominee for the new Graphene Infinity 3-in-1 Jacket. The pinnacle piece of our HOD collection this season, this jacket combines premium features and technologies, including our most innovative and responsible Lifa Infinity Pro, and a fashion-forward design, and we’re honoured to have been recognised as a nominee this year.”
Louise Micolon, Produktmanagerin für Ski bei Helly Hansen
Jury statement
This is what the ISPO Award jury says about the Helly Hansen Graphene Infinity 3-in-1 jacket: The Lifa Infinity Pro membrane developed by Helly Hansen is a good example for a high-quality, long-lasting gear with a minimal environmental footprint.  
ISPO Award Jury
Four reasons why the Helly Hansen Graphene Infinity 3-in-1 jacket won over the ISPO Award jury:
•    Durable Pertex Diamond Fuse ripstop fabric. •    PrimaLoft Thermoplume Cross Core and Allied down insulation •    Responsible, professional grade Lifa Infinity Pro technology  •    Premium graphene lining

Key data:

Extra: Recco reflectors for added safety, Life Pocket+ and cell phone clip, and attached leash
Target group: A sleek, highly technical, high-performance jacket for skiers and city life
Price: 1.300,- Euro

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Andi Spies
Andi Spies