Product reviews/11/22/2023

ISPO Award Nominee 2023: Digital Hand Grip Sensor by Eoswiss

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The Eoswiss digital grip sensor opens up a new dimension in learning various racquet sports and more. Training with AI has reached a new level, thanks to this Swiss invention.

Sensor connects athletes with equipment

The Eoswiss Digital Grip Hand Sensor is an innovative solution tailored specifically to the needs of Indoor Golf Studios Indoor e-Sports golf academies, golf schools, golf coaches, and professional golf players.

Traditionally, the focus in high-tech sports training has been on measuring force, movement, and impulse, overlooking a crucial element: the connection between an athlete's body and their equipment. The Digital Hand Grip Sensor addresses this gap by visualizing the force and momentum transferred through the hand to sports equipment. The Digital Hand Grip Sensor is a pioneer in quantifying finger and hand balm force and position during the crucial moments of gripping and swinging sports instruments. Whether in golf, tennis, paddle, or even baseball, this platform technology is changing how athletes interact with their equipment.

By digitally measuring hand grip, position, and pressure during the swing, this sensor is particularly aimed at ambitious golfers looking to improve their performance. It serves as a trailblazer for the measurement and visualization of grip dynamics, offering a comprehensive analysis that was previously unattainable. The success of this sensor is crucially dependent on its compact proprietary electronics, specialized sensors, and proprietary analytical software. These components, combined with the specially developed software, enable dynamic measurement, analysis, and training of grip forces.

The analysis includes all aspects such as hand positioning, pressure, and swing dynamics.
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AI-supported analysis

But how exactly does the digital sensor technology work, and what benefits does it offer to users? The golf swing is precisely filmed and recorded while simultaneously measuring the pressure profiles of the hand. This approach is crucial because the hands control the transfer of force to the golf club. The analysis provides valuable insights into the pressure buildup during each phase of the movement, allowing the golfer to work specifically on their weaknesses.

The hand, as the mediator of force to the club, has been challenging to measure and consequently difficult to train. Thanks to the Digital Grip Hand Sensor, it is now possible to precisely measure the pressure, tailor training to it, and thus improve golf skills. Users can now identify areas for improvement, whether it be excessive tension, insufficient force, or vice versa. These insights were previously purely subjective and immeasurable, but now they can be precisely quantified and integrated into training. The collected data is not only stored but also evaluated in the cloud using AI. This allows users to share their data and compare it with others. The swing dynamics of role models can be replicated, and through the analysis of film and pressure data, movement sequences can be further refined and optimized.

The Digital Grip Hand Sensor can be integrated into any type of racket.
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More than just a measuring device

The Digital Grip Hand Sensor is more than you see from outside. It is a calibratable measuring device of the highest precision. The extremely compact design of the electronics, located entirely within the shaft of the golf club, turns it into a platform technology that can be applied not only in golf but also in other sports such as tennis, paddle, and even baseball." It provides a comprehensive solution for measuring and improving the dynamics in club guidance.

Thanks to the new measuring methodology, golf, tennis, and other racket sports can be elevated to a new level.
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What the ISPO Award jury says:

"A sensor as a real multi-tool for analyzing and improving dynamics and precision in all kinds of racket sports: The Digital Hand Grip Sensor transcends its role as a mere measuring tool; it's a catalyst for transformative improvement in sports dynamics. As trainers and athletes embrace this technological leap, the future of sports training takes a giant stride toward precision and personalization."

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Complete system: comprising sensor, electronics, software, AI analytics
  • Calibratable measuring device; high precision
  • Compact design
  • Platform technology for many different club types

Product Specifications:

  • Available: November 2023
  • RRP: Price on request
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