Meet Shudu. The world’s first digitally-created supermodel

Digital humans – transforming consumer engagement

Digital imagery is revolutionizing the way fashion and apparel products are being designed, showcased and sold. The generation of animated, realistic human-like avatars is transforming every element of the fashion world, from design and sampling through to catwalk and social media campaigns.

Meet Shudu. The world’s first digitally-created supermodel
Meet Shudu. The world’s first digitally-created supermodel

Celebrity virtual models and powerful non-human social media influencers are all reshaping the online experience, and consumers are loving these virtual representations of a human world. The rendering techniques that create the lifelike images and animations are still in their infancy but, in the hands of those who know how to use these tools, the results are compelling and powerful.

Alvanon Fit Standard with Human Skin Textures

The Diigitals modelling agency is behind some of the most innovative 3D fashion campaigns and represents digital talent, such as the enigmatic digital supermodel Shudu. As the first all-digital modelling agency in the world, Diigitals recently created a trailblazing runway to showcase its vision of what a 3D catwalk can look like. 

Cameron-James Wilson, founder, CEO and the creative mastermind behind The Diigitals explains: “Everything involved in creating the digital catwalk is super achievable, but companies must have the vision and understand the complex workflows needed.”

Each outfit is created and digitised from original sketches, photos and pattern pieces. The garment and model are then textured, posed, placed into the final scene and then rendered. Still renders take a few hours to process. Animations, however, take days. One animation on the Diigitals runway took 36 hours to render for five seconds of catwalking.

The Diigitals has also created “shop the look” stories for Instagram, which accelerates consumer engagement and shows clients how these assets can be used to drive successful social media campaigns. 

Even after physical shows return, many in the industry predict that digital 3D tools have permanently shifted the schedule, cadence and strategy of virtual catwalk shows. The digital supermodel and influencer is here to stay.


The above article is an excerpt from the **Executive Summary Report of the 3D TECH Festival organised by Alvanon in collaboration with e-learning platform partner MOTIF.

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