Innovative Chatbot Gives Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Butterfly Coach: Personal Trainer App Is Now Available

Butterfly Coach is a virtual personal trainer who, thanks to a chatbot, is available 24 hours a day for the user and offers advice on training and nutrition. A prototype of the fitness app has already been tested by the community in cooperation with ISPO Open Innovation. Now the Personal Coach is available for download for Android and iOS.

Die Personal Trainer App Butterfly Coach ist ab sofort für Android und iOS verfügbar.
The Personal Trainer App Butterfly Coach is now available for Android and iOS.

Every day Butterfly Coach offers new ideas and impulses for an active, healthy and enjoyable life. With the help of artificial intelligence, which also scans the training goals, the app collects user data to compile individual fitness exercises, relaxation training and nutrition tips for the user. If training units and weekly challenges are successfully completed, the user collects experience points and trophies and can thus unlock new exercises and levels.

Butterfly Coach was developed by Philipp Voß, who has more than 7 years of experience as an independent personal coach with the necessary expertise in fitness and nutrition, and Michaela-Johanne Meindertsma, who has been responsible for business development and finance for many years as a project manager.

In cooperation with ISPO Open Innovation, the app was made available to the sports enthusiast community for an initial test phase in summer 2018. The app testers allowed Butterfly Coach's developers to gather honest, critical and constructive feedback to further improve their personal coach.

Butterfly Coach wurde vorab bereits von der ISPO Open Innovation Community getestet.
Butterfly Coach has already been tested by the ISPO Open Innovation Community.

Michaela Meindertsma about the cooperation: "The ISPO testing was a great help for the development of our app Butterfly Coach. We are very grateful for the constructive feedback from the testers. This enabled us to start again at the right places and to further optimize. And of course we are happy if the ISPO community feels like trying out the app that is now available in store and sharing their feedback with us."

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