Become a Product Tester Now with ISPO Open Innovation

Test the Outdoor Thermal Solution QOOL® Box Now!

Tester wanted! The QOOL® Box promises outdoor fans the perfect temperature for their food for days without electricity. Become a product tester and get a box for free or at a special discount!

Teste jetzt die preisgekrönte QOOL® Box!
Test the award-winning QOOL® Box now!

For outdoor enthusiasts there is hardly anything better than spending a few days away from civilization and turning nature into their own playground. But how can food and drinks be kept cool or warm for days without any electricity or heavy generators?

With ISPO Open Innovation you can test the solution. From now on we are looking for testers for the QOOL® Box, which guarantees the perfect desired temperature over days with aerospace based insulation technology. Experience the innovation, that was honoured as ISPO Award 2019 Gold Winner in the outdoor equipment segment.

Keep QOOL® Box After Test Phase for Free or Discount!

A total of 15 testers can put the QOOL® Box to the test in their adventures. The three testers with the most helpful test reports are then allowed to keep the high-quality box for free, the remaining testers may keep it for a special discount.

Apply as a tester until Sunday, 28th of April, before the test phase starts in mid-May!


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