Weltmeisterin Sonni Hönscheid fährt mit Stand Up Paddle Board bei Sonnenuntergang
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Hot Trends in Water Sports: Sup and Canoeing

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Get out on the water! If you make your way to the lake on these hot days, you will see them from afar: Stand Up Paddlers. People who feel like they are floating above the water. Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has developed rapidly from a small niche sport into a popular sport trend. In 2021, an estimated one million boards were sold, making it possible to conquer the lake standing, lying or sitting. The majority are on the inexpensive, inflatable boards, which are often available from discounters for as little as 250 euros. No wonder, sport on the water is not only fun, but also provides a fresh kick in summer. We introduce you to 5 hot trends in water sports!

"The motto of the last two Corona years was: Germany discovers SUP. There was a real boom - we sold 100,000 SUP's a year in this country," reports Michael Klatt from the world's leading supplier F2. Currently, the person responsible for sales in Germany observes a certain restraint among buyers because of the war in Ukraine.

But new and further developed products will keep the interest in the gentle water sport high, the expert is sure. Canoeing and other outdoor experiences on the cool water are also becoming more popular. We reveal the most important latest trends and products from water sports:

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SUP With Electric Drive: The E-fin

Dreaming of gliding easily past the best SUP specialists on the water? Then the E-fin (Electric Fin) could be the solution. With it you have the support of a small electric motor under the board. It's all controlled by an unobtrusive remote control on the paddle. "It works like an e-bike in regular mode.

The motor only turns on when paddling. No one notices from the outside that there is a drive under the SUP," reports Klatt, who presented the third development stage of the e-fin at the Outdoor by ISPO presented.

Those who want to equip themselves with the SUP drive developed in Germany, however, have to dig comparatively deep into their pockets at 799 euros. In combination with a high-quality SUP, the e-bike for the water is currently available at a package price of around 1100 euros.

Michael Klatt with e-fin
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Lars Becker

Sailing with the SUP

The SUP is increasingly becoming a multifunctional water sports device for young and old. With appropriate additional gadgets, you can, for example, use the power of the wind. On the one hand, there is the variant that you can attach a small round sail to the board and hold the lines attached to it so that you can be propelled by the wind without paddling. "This is a great way to get kids excited, especially, when they can feel the SUP moving forward on its own," Klatt says.

More power is needed for the big wing sails. Held into the wind, the SUP can give you a feeling like kiting or surfing.

Wieviel kostet ein SUP-Board und welche Marken sind zu empfehlen?
Wieviel kostet ein SUP-Board und welche Marken sind zu empfehlen?
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Thomas Pfannkuch

Canoeing with the SUP

Using the SUP as a canoe - more and more people are doing that, too. For this purpose, you can click a seat into the board on SUPs that are equipped accordingly. Together with the appropriate paddles, the stand-up paddling board then functions like a canoe. Disadvantage: Since the outer walls are missing, you of course get wet more easily and the device is more wobbly.

Advantage: Especially if you eventually get tired of standing on the SUP, the seat is a perfect option. "This is popular with older customers, for example," Klatt reports.

SUP with canoe seat
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Lars Becker

The Foldable Plastic Canoe

The company OruKayak has for this season a foldable plastic canoe in the luggage, which you have to take conveniently from and to the water, packed as a bag. The advantages: The kayak does not need extra inflation and is quite stable due to its material. The unfolding and packing of the boat takes only a few minutes. The lightest model, the "Lake", weighs 8 kg and can be assembled in just two minutes. Packed as a bag, it measures 107x25x48 cm. Cost: 799 euros.

Among the total of six models, there is also one for two people and a special adventure variant for rougher water. The kayaks are made of double-layered five-millimeter propylene and, according to the manufacturer, can withstand 20,000 folding operations.

Foldable canoe
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Lars Becker

The Inflatable Canoe

The big problem with conventional canoes is often the transport, e.g. by car, because of the bulky dimensions. That is why more and more hobby paddlers use inflatable canoes. They are made of materials similar to those used in inflatable boats or SUPs. The advantage is that the boats can be rolled up into a small package and sometimes carried on the back with straps. On site, they are then inflated with a pump in minutes.

The disadvantage: the inflatable canoes are more susceptible to damage from stones or sticks in the water. That's why it's especially important to choose material that is as cut-resistant as possible. Entry-level models are already available from 300 euros, for inflatable professional models you have to dig much deeper into your pocket.

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