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Tottenham top - Manchester City and Arsenal are chasers

Ranking: This is how sustainable the Premier League clubs are

The British organization "Sport Positive" has created the first eco-table for the English Premier League. The English eco-champion is Tottenham Hotspur. Manchester City and Arsenal are on the hunt - an underdog is in second place.

Austragungsort der PES League World Finals: Das Emirates Stadium im Londoner Norden.
Second in the sustainability ranking: Arsenal FC

Using eight criteria, 'Sport Positive' has put the ranking of Premier League teams 2020 under the microscope:

  • Use of renewable energy
  • energy efficiency
  • Sustainable mobility for fans and staff
  • reduction and removal of single-use plastic
  • Waste management
  • water efficiency
  • plant-based and low-carbohydrate catering
  • Communication and whole-club commitment to sustainability.

There are a total of 21 points up for grabs for each of Premier League teams ranked in these categories.

Top of the table Tottenham Hotspur: The all-rounders

Only one team was able to score the complete number of points in the current ranking: Tottenham Hotspur.The London club's sustainability measures are manifold. These include, among others:

  • 100% use of renewable energy
  • mobility initiatives for staff and fans
  • waterless urinals in the stadium
  • use of regional ingredients in catering
  • sustainability workshops offered by the club

Spurs are also continuing their environmental efforts for the 2021/22 season, with the London derby against Chelsea FC on 19 September 2021 set to become the world's first CO2-neutral professional football match at the top level.

Liverpool and Chelsea in midfield - Aston Villa last

With 20 points, Arsenal, Manchester United and the at least sporting underdog Brighton & Hove Albion are close behind in second place. Reigning champions Manchester City are still fifth with 19 points out of a possible 21. Liverpool FC (17) are seventh, with Champions League winners Chelsea (14) eighth.

The last place in the eco-ranking is taken by Aston Villa with seven points (however, due to a lack of new data on the part of the club based on values from 2019).

"Sport Positive" has also compiled a sustainability ranking for the German Bundesliga in 2021. Find out who is at the top in Germany.

The sustainability table of the Premier League at a glance 

The ranking of EPL teams looks like this:

1Tottenham Hotspur21
2Arsenal FC20
2Brighton & Hove Albion20
2Manchester United20
5Manchester City19
6Southampton FC18
7Liverpool FC17
8Chelsea FC14
8West Bromwich Albion14
10Everton FC13.5
11West Ham United13
12Crystal Palace12
12Newcastle United12
12Wolverhampton Wanderers12
12Leeds United12
16Fulham FC11
17Leicester City10
17Sheffield United10
19Burnley FC9
20Aston Villa7


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