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How good is the Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie?

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How good is the Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie? Sarah knows. Because she tested it for the Italian sports magazine tested it. readers can now also benefit from this. Because we are publishing the tests from, which were previously only available in Italian, also in German, English, French, and Spanish.—these are real practical tests by ambitious (hobby) athletes who spend every free minute outdoors. The tests are hands-on and relentlessly honest, by mountain lovers for mountain lovers. The "consumer experts" run, hike, ski or climb and test current equipment for its suitability for the outdoor lifestyle.

All tests are completely independent and reflect the personal opinion of the testers. We take tests of products that have performed well or very well and are also particularly interesting for our readers from the point of view of the editorial team.

The Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie is a baselayer that Sarah put through its paces in sub-zero temperatures. Find out how the hoodie performed in various practical conditions.


Curated by Sarah from Mountainreview
As a mountain enthusiast, I practice climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, dry tooling, ice climbing and snowboarding. I like not only the disciplines themselves, but also the whole environment that accompanies them, the surroundings, the friendships and the adventures that connect people, not only on the rope, but also in life.

Overall rating of the Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie

Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie is a baselayer for intense winter activities, made by the Norwegian company that has specialised in processing wool for over 160 years. This brand focuses on environmental and animal friendliness in production. 

Devold's corporate philosophy is characterised by conscious and transparent decisions, with a fully traceable supply chain where it is possible to identify the farm that produced the wool for a particular garment. Devold also pays close attention to animal welfare and has therefore chosen to use "mulesing-free" wool.

Technical characteristics Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie

Weight250 g
Material99% wool (merino), 1% elastane
Fiberfine wool - 190 g/m², 18,7 micron
Special feature

Double face
Extended sleeves with thumbholes


3D Wool Mesh Construction
Fine and finely woven
Flatlock seams

Test Report Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie

I have used the Devold baselayer on numerous ski tours and ice climbs. The baselayer was used in low temperatures between -15° and 5°C. The base layer was put to the test, being used continuously for a week without washing for long and strenuous routes.

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Impressive thermal insulation for cold hikes

I have to say that I was really surprised by the thermal regulation of this garment. I find it difficult to find a garment that you can wear both on long approaches and when climbing icefalls. While the former are very aerobic, and I personally sweat a lot, the latter alternates between moments of intensity and total immobility, where the need for warmth is essential to avoid freezing at the belay!

What impressed me most about this garment is its ability to adapt to body heat. During the aerobic phase I was never excessively hot, and in the moments of complete immobility I was never cold, even though I had sweated a little beforehand. 

So without changing clothes, I could use the Devold clothing for both hiking and climbing without getting cold.


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No need for a spare shirt thanks to high drying speed

The shirt dries very quickly with body heat. So I could keep the garment on even after a long walk without freezing. In the past, I had to carry a spare shirt in my backpack to replace the sweaty shirt after exercise. With the Devold baselayer, I didn't feel the need to change clothes even when I was sweating, because it dries quickly when I put on an extra layer, such as a jacket or down jacket.

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Miracle material merino wool for different uses

The Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie is made of 99 percent merino wool and 1 percent elastane, which gives the garment its elasticity. Merino wool has numerous properties, one of which is particularly important for sports enthusiasts: it doesn't stink! 

After a week, during a ski tour and five ice climbing tours with long and strenuous ascents, the garment did not smell, at most a little like deodorant.


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The Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie can be used on both sides, i.e. you can use it in one direction or the other. If you need more insulation, simply wear the garment with the 3D structure towards the body, this provides more insulation.

On very cold days, when the temperature is below zero, I preferred to wear the jersey with the 3D structure towards the body. This wavy and slightly raised 3D striped structure means that the heat generated by the body in motion circulates better in the air channels, generating more heat for the body. 

When the temperature was above zero, and I didn't need any extra warmth, I turned the shirt inside out and used it like a normal baselayer.

Even after several washes at 30-40°C, the garment does not warp and retains its softness and elasticity. I personally prefer non-aggressive detergents, especially for merino wool.


Right: the Devold hoodie in standard use / Left: the Devold shirt, worn with the 3D side in.
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The attention to detail

The garment is finely woven at the back, underarms and stomach, while the 3D structure is located on the hood, chest, and arms for added warmth.

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The fine and elastic fabric gives a soft and fresh feeling when in contact with the skin. The garment is a little sensitive. Because it is so finely woven, a few small threads may be pulled.

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The neckline is very high and can be used as a neck warmer. The hood is a kind of balaclava that can be pulled up in strong winds and allows the head to be completely enveloped and protected, although the fabric is quite thin and the headroom quite small. I personally have never used it, preferring a headband.

The sleeves are long and have 2 holes for inserting the thumbs so that the sleeve does not ride up.

The seams are flat and tight.


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The optimal "all-in-one" baselayer

The Devold Tuvegga Sport Air jersey has a slim fit and conforms to the female form without compressing the body as is the case with other base layers. The size matches the size chart on the website.

The baselayer is a true all-in-one as it eliminates the need for extra clothing and reduces weight on challenging adventures where even the weight of an extra T-shirt is important.

I recommend the Devold Tuvegga Sport Air Hoodie for all intense winter activities where good insulation and body temperature regulation are important, even in very low temperatures.

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