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How to Create your Promo-Articles on

You have booked promotional or editorial articles on and received your login data to the backend of In this article we show you how to create promotional or editorial articles on and what you need to keep in mind.

Fingers, typing on a laptop

Log in and start article creation

  1. Use a browser (ideally a desktop PC or laptop) and visit the following website:
  2. Use the data provided to you by your contact person as your username and password. If you have not yet received login information, contact your personal contact directly.
  3. After logging in, use the header menu to navigate to Manage -> Content -> Add Content -> Promo Article.
On the pic you see the menu point for the creation of an article

Headline, Subheadline & Introduction Text

Every text on is structured according to the same principle. There is a subheadline that is displayed above the title of the website (headline). This is followed by the introduction text (automatically printed in bold) and the article image. Start by maintaining the fields.

  1. Subheadline (approx. 50 characters)
  2. Headline (approx. 75 characters)
  3. Introduction Text (250 - 500 characters)

We recommend not to put any links in the introduction text and to use them only in the body.

This is how (sub)headline and the introduction needs to be filled in

Insert Header Media

The header media is the cover image of your article. It should be in landscape format (16:9) with a resolution of at least 1280x720px. Please mind the file size when uploading. It should be less than 2MB per image.

To insert the header media, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "Create or select header media".
  2. Select an image that you want to upload.
  3. Give the image a name.
  4. Fill in Alt Text and Title Text if desired.
  5. Enter the author and copyright holder, as well as the source of the image.
  6. You can also add videos in the same way using the top menu of the pop-up.
  7. Select "Upload Image" to insert the image or header medium.
This is how you have to upload the header media

Insert Google Title and Description

In the next step, you add the meta title and the meta description and maintain the teaser of the article. The teaser title, the teaser image, and the teaser description will be displayed on the website when the article is displayed as a search result or on a category page, for example. Insert the Teaser Media in the same way as the Header Media.

Pay attention to the following framework data:

  1. Google Description: max. 165 characters
  2. SEO Title: max. 65 characters
  3. Teaser Title: max. 65 characters
  4. Teaser Media: landscape format (16:9), min. 1280x720px resolution, max. 2MB
  5. Teaser Text: max. 165 lines
The spaces for google and teaser descriptions

Add more paragraphs and images

Now you can insert the content of your article. To do this, simply use the + Text | + Media Content icons to add either a paragraph or media content (e.g. an image or a video). You can use the "Subheadline" box to add subheadlines to your paragraphs.

To add videos you have two options: Either use a vimeo or a Youtube link. You have to add a media name and then insert the link. 

For the pics we recommend the same settings you used for the header image. 

You can add as many paragraphs and images as you like, but we advise that you do not write the article longer than 600 words.

When editing the paragraphs, please note the possibility to use

  1. Boldface
  2. Italics
  3. Hyperlinks and
  4. Ordered and unordered bulleted lists.

These structuring elements make your text more readable and attractive to the user.

Save article

You have the option of saving your article or sending it to the editorial team. If you cache your article, you can always edit it again at a later time.

Once you have completed your article and have it ready for publication, you can use the "Needs Review" function to send the article to the editorial team, who will then publish your article as soon as possible.

All further settings for the publication of your article will be taken care of for you by the editorial team.

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