Bouldering for beginners: 10 good reasons for climbing at jumping height

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Bouldering is a sophisticated sport - and now permitted again after the Corona crisis, subject to specific hygiene requirements. It places high technical demands on the sport climber, but requires much more than fitness and physical skill. Because only those who have clarified in their heads how the problems on the wall are to be solved can tackle them successfully. These are the top 10 advantages and good reasons for climbing at jump height.

Frau klettert an einer Boulderwand

Reason No. 1 - Climbing sport with calculable risk

Although bouldering does not use ropes or harnesses and can be climbed on high difficulties, the risk of injury to the athlete is limited. The most important reason is the maximum climbing height of about four meters. In the bouldering hall, a thick floor mat also protects against injuries if a fall should occur.

Reason No. 2 - year-round climbing fun

Bouldering is, at least in the big cities, now possible all year round and regardless of the weather. This development is mainly due to the enormous popularity of this climbing sport. It is worthwhile for climbing hall operators to offer separate bouldering areas in which new routes are constantly being marked out. In this way, boulderers can, for example, pursue their sport indoors in winter or when it rains, but can also climb outdoors when conditions are better.

Reason No. 3 - Climbing without high expenses

Bouldering is comparatively cheap. There are no high purchase costs for the equipment, because in addition to magnesium for the hands and suitable bouldering shoes, you only need clothing that leaves enough room for movement. Day tickets for bouldering in the hall can usually be bought for well under ten euros, so they cost less than a cinema ticket. Almost all operators offer additional discounts, i.e. time or quantity discounts or special prices for children and families.

Reason No. 4 - Bouldering is climbing sport for everyone

Many outdoor sports are linked to a minimum age or cannot be performed without significant pre-training. Bouldering is different - regardless of age, gender and previous training, anyone can try their hand on the wall. Bouldering is available in all difficulty levels, a colour coding helps to classify in advance. In addition, short introductory courses are offered in all halls, in which the correct technique is explained. Since newcomers can watch the experienced climbers bouldering, some finesses can be learned.

Gruppe beim Bouldern an einem Felsen im Wald
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Reason No. 5 - Reward through many small successes

Each boulder consists of a defined number of holds and steps, with the start and finish marked. Most so-called boulder problems consist of four to eight holds, more than twelve are not even allowed in competitions. The distance on the wall can therefore be overcome relatively quickly, if successful. So there are always successes and thus the necessary motivation boost to tackle the next problem concentrated.

Reason No. 6 - Bouldering is climbing sport for fitness and health

Bouldering not only builds strength, but also strengthens body awareness. In addition, the sport serves to improve sensory perception, motor skills and concentration. "Bouldering activates almost all muscle groups, which makes it the ideal strength training for the whole body," says Dr. Volker Schöffl, team doctor of the German national climbing team, in the Apotheken Umschau. At most, he sees the overexertion as a health risk, as the addiction potential in bouldering is high.

Reason #7 - Bouldering introduces you to the sport

Bouldering is considered family-friendly, precisely because even the youngest can climb the wall. The operators of the halls are prepared for children and often offer special event packages. The children's birthday party in the bouldering hall has become a classic celebration, just like the bowling afternoon or the treasure hunt. Since bouldering also trains coordination, each of these events is a small investment in the fitness and health of the youngsters.

Reason #8 - Bouldering opens up a new world

Every outdoor sport is not only a healthy leisure activity, but also a new perspective on the (surrounding) world. Divers, surfers and sailors will confirm this just as much as marathon runners or mountain bikers. If you travel to Saxon Switzerland for bouldering, to the famous rocks around Fontainebleau in France or to Ausserferrera in Switzerland, you will discover landscapes that seem to be made for bouldering. But even beyond these hotspots, almost every holiday destination offers the chance to explore the surroundings while bouldering.

Mann bouldert in der Halle an einer Boulderwand
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Reason #9 - Bouldering and climbing are close relatives

Bouldering is part of sport climbing and those who do well at bouldering will also do well at climbing, for example alpine climbing. Climbers' training plans are largely based on tackling bouldering problems, because this is how certain techniques can be trained and fitness built up.

Reason No. 10 - Bouldering also works without a partner

Bouldering means independence. Since there is no need to secure yourself with a rope, you don't need a partner for the sport. This means that bouldering can be practiced as strength training at any time, just like training in the gym.

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