Norwegian Sports Brand Campaigns with Feminine Lifestyle

Kari Traa Launches New Women’s Campaign

The sportswear brand Kari Traa is devoting its new campaign “Celebrate Yourself” to the daily challenges that women must face. 

Kari Traa launches its womenswear campaign, Celebrate Yourself.
Kari Traa launches its womenswear campaign, Celebrate Yourself.

The eponymous designer and former freestyle skier Kari Traa wants to express the opinion that women should free themselves from the clichés that surround their outer appearance and physical fitness.


Irrespective of which dress size they wear or how they balance their diets, women should love what promotes their personal well-being. The slogan “by women for women” should encourage women to celebrate themselves after every workout. 

Kari Traa: From ski star to designer

Kari Traa’s sportswear is recognizable by its feminine design, high functionality and vibrant colors. The video “Celebrate Yourself” should reflect this attitude towards life. 

During her ski career, the young Norwegian designer Kari Traa started developing her creative talent by knitting hats for her friends in her free time between training and competitions.

Her designs quickly became popular against this backdrop so Kari decided to make her hobby a business in 2002. That is how the brand Kari Traa first started. It is now one of the fastest growing sports brands.

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