ISPO Brandnew: Quotes of former awardees

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The ISPO Brandnew Hall of Fame is filled after thirty events with renowned companies. And more importantly, the former winners have grown into an actively net- working community. Of course, ISPO Brandnew is not a guarantee of success for young start-ups, but it is an essential element that serves as an accelerator for the success of the participants, as you can see within the following quotes of former awardees.

About ISPO Brandnew - Facts

ISPO Brandnew was first organized in 2000 and since then we had 30 editions.

From about 6.069 applications 1.208 brands were awarded.

While in the initial phase, applications were mostly received by fax, they are now supplied online. In the winter of 2000, there were 67 submissions, compared to 404 for the 30th edition in 2018.

The year 2015 saw a record number of 431 registrations.

In 2016, exhibitors came from 41 countries around the world, including South Africa, Israel, and Japan.


Thanks to ISPO Brandnew, we were able to get a priceless advantage over the competition.
Robby Naish, Naish Kites, ISPO Brandnew Overall Winner 2000
The best thing about ISPO is that people from all over the world come together. I was able to establish contacts in China, the Philippines, Korea and Australia, but also found distributors for our product in Europe.
Hunter Joslin, Indo Board, ISPO Brandnew Winner 2004
Our presence alone opened many doors in the industry. We met members of the snowboard media and other manufacturers who played a key role in our surprisingly fast growth.
Jorgen Karlsen, Bataleon, ISPO Brandnew Finalist 2005
We are constantly striving to connect with new markets and expand our network. Being a part of the ISPO helped us meet new potential business partners and GoPro customers in the sports world. The ISPO BRANDNEW Village was a great entry point!
Nick Woodman, GoPro, ISPO Brandnew Finalist 2005
ISPO has played a significant role in my life. To be awarded here was a great stepping stone in the career of the brand GIBBON.
Robert Käding, Gibbon Slacklines, ISPO Brandnew Finalist 2009
Winning at ISPO Brandnew was our initial introduction to ISPO. It truly elevated the awareness of our brand to the European market and beyond and accelerated the communication with our partners.
Heifara Rutgers, Aztech Mountain, ISPO Brandnew Winner 2016
ISPO Brandnew paved the way to new markets and a broadened product range.
Andy Laats, Nixon, ISPO Brandnew Winner 2000
ISPO Brandnew played – along with passion – a major role in the first chapter of the Maloja success story. Young companies profit from the attention. The application disciplines and motivates. but all the hard work is justified in the end when you rank amongst the best.
Peter Räuber, Maloja, ISPO Brandnew Winner 2005
Our presence and the attention we received was overwhelming. At the same time we realized that we were still greenhorns in a number of areas. All day long we talked with many incredibly interesting and experienced people from the market, distribution, retail, media sectors, with television teams, and so on.
Olivier Bernhard, On Running, ISPO Brandnew Overall Winner 2010